Plantopia Grows Flowers While Hiding the Flower Pot

For gardeners who like the beauty of a hanging plant but don’t want to see the pot the plant is growing in, Plantopia is the solution. “The Plantopia is a 14 inch hanging flowerpot with sidewalls that pop out,” says Skip Glatt, owner of thermoplastic molder, G.A.I.M. Engineering, and maker of the Plantopia. “Gardeners put in potting soil to the window levels, put their plants in sideways, replace the panels and hang the unit on a tree or deck,” he says. “Once the plants begin flowering, they cascade down and eventually cover the entire planter, so all you see are the flowers.”

Made out of 100 percent impact resistant recycled plastic, with UV inhibitors built in, the Plantopia can withstand years of outdoor use. “It’s a fast, efficient way to get full round foliage quickly,” Glatt says. “It can be used to grow vegetables, herbs or flowering plants.” Only recently introduced in the U.S., Plantopia is being offered to independent retailers and catalog companies in special packaging. For retailers, Plantopia comes preassembled in packs of 25 and wholesales for $4.24 apiece. Retailers are selling them for $9.99 to $17.95 each. For catalogers, Plantopia comes in a prepackaged two pack, wholesaling for $8.80 and retailing for $19.95. “The retail package comes with a header card and floor display included,” Glatt says. “Plus, we’re offering a 15 percent discount for new clients.” Retailers can also upsell the product by including plants already in the Plantopia, making it an impulse buy at garden and gift shops. “It’s a great product,” Glatt says. “It was a big hit in the U.K. where we first saw it, and we expect it to be a bigger hit here in the states.”

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