Salco Distributors Has Latest ‘Seen on TV’ Items

As Seen on TV One of the growing areas of business for small retailers is the line of As Seen on TV products. Consumers often don’t have time to grab their credit card and phone while watching TV, but will always stop and browse such displays in stores. That’s good news for Salco Distributors, a Florida based wholesaler carrying most of these popular items at discounted prices. “Right now, one of the hottest ASOT products is the Thumb Light,” says Sal Maggio, president of Salco. “It’s a small LED light that clips right onto a key, so a user can easily light up any keyhole in the dark,” he adds. The Thumb Light wholesales for $1.49 and retails for $3.99. “We also carry the complete line of Space Bag clothing containers, which are heavily advertised on TV,” Maggio says, “as well as Ballcap Buddies cap washers.” The cap washers wholesale for $1.49 each, and can fetch up to $4.99 at retail.
Salco carries more than 5,000 items on its websites, and, many of which come with POP signage or in colorful display boxes. “For example, the Thumb Light is available either with a clip strip or display box,” Maggio says. “Other ASOT products we carry also come ready to show,” he adds. Salco Distributors is always running special deals, including shipping discounts of up to 50 percent off. “It’s worth visiting our site often, as we put new items up almost every week,” Maggio says.

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