Sea Stones Co. Offers Real Rocks For ‘On The Rocks’ Drinks

On the rocksConnoisseurs of fine adult beverages are sometimes aghast when people dilute their drinks with ice, which was the idea behind developing On The Rocks granite drink chillers. “I was served soup in a restaurant that had hot stones in it to keep the soup warm,” recalls Arra David, founder, along with his partner, Anne Johnson, of Sea Stones Co. “I thought, ‘If it works for hot products, why not cold ones, too?’” he says. David was already working with stones, having made a number of unique products from the rocks he and Johnson collect from shores near their home in Windham, NH. “I’d been making stone napkin rings by drilling out the centers, and had saved thousands of the little circular pieces,” he says. “It seemed like a perfect match.”

The beauty of the product is that it doesn’t add any unwanted flavors or smells to the drink. “In my research, I found the Scottish people had been putting cold stones in their drinks for centuries,” David says. “It’s where the drinking term ‘on the rocks’ originated.” Sea Stones’ On The Rocks product comes with six stones, a wooden tray and two glass tumblers, all in a handsome gift box. The sets wholesale for $17.50, and retailers are selling for $39.99 and up. There is no minimum order, and David will include an extra tumbler and stone for display purposes, so retailers can show how On The Rocks works. Finally, Sea Stones is also a “Green” company. “All the stones we harvest are replaced by a rough stone,” David explains, “so that over time the waters will smooth out these new stones as well.”

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