ShadeCase Keeps Multiple Pairs of Sunglasses

If your customers have ever scratched or broken an expensive pair of sunglasses, they’ll appreciate the idea behind the ShadeCase. “I jumped in my car one day and sat on and crushed a really nice pair of sunglasses,” says Chris Bulzis, founder and CEO of ShadeCase. “I had other pairs, but one was loose in the glove box and the other was lying on the back seat. Suddenly a light bulb went off in my head,” he recalls. Bulzis quickly sketched out an idea for a case to safely secure multiple pairs of sunglasses, and ShadeCase was born. The box is made of high density Styrofoam with a felt interior and black fabric on the outside, and is available in two pair and three pair configurations.

The company only recently launched its product, and is now looking for retailers to carry the line. “We can manufacture these in a wide variety of styles, and we can add corporate logos for both companies and manufacturers,” Bulzis says. “This summer, we’re coming out with a breast cancer support line, available in both pink and black, and pink and white color schemes,” he adds. The two pair size wholesales for $15, with an MSRP of $29.99, and the three pair size wholesales for $20 and retails for $39.99. The minimum order is only 24 pieces with POP signage available, and volume discounts are offered for larger orders. “We’re the first multiple sunglass holder on the market, and so far the ShadeCase has been very well received,” Bulzis says. “We expect sales to increase as the warm weather arrives.”


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