Snooki Slippers From ‘Jersey Shore’ Huge Sellers

The TV phenomenon known as, “Jersey Shore,” continues to draw in audiences and make new fans, not only here but internationally as well. Nicole Polizzi, also known as, “Snooki,” and one of the featured players on the reality show, has become a star in her own right, which helps explain the popularity of Snooki Slippers from Kentucky’s Happy Feet. “We were selling slippers primarily to cart and kiosk vendors,” says Happy Feet owner, Pat Yates. “One of our vendors called us after seeing Snooki wear them on an episode of Jersey Shore, and asked if we could get some,” Yates recalls. After a few phone calls and meetings, Happy Feet had a license to market the slippers, and they started to take off.

“They’re selling incredibly well, and sales are through the roof,” Yates says. “Snooki tweeted about them twice, and both times our server crashed. That’s how popular they are.” Right now, Happy Feet is selling the slippers direct, but is looking for retailers to take on the line. Snooki Slippers wholesale for $13.50 to $14.50 per pair, depending on quantity ordered, and retail for $29.99 each. Growth has been so rapid that Happy Feet is now in the process of expanding the line. “We have 15 to 20 different designs in the pipeline right now,” Yates says. “We’re even shipping single pairs of the current styles we have to England and Australia. On a recent weekend, 17 percent of the orders we received were from international customers.” Having sold the slippers in the, “tens of thousands,” so far, Yates has no doubt the popularity will continue.


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