Sprinks Pets’ Lavender Dog Wipes Make Cleanup Easy

Sprinks Wipers DeluxeThere are always buyers for pet products of any kind, which makes this a great time for Sprinks Pets to roll out its new line of lavender scented pet wipes. “There are occasions when you can’t give a dog or cat a complete bath, and these wipes are perfect for a quick touch up,” says Nicole Lewis, sales and customer care coordinator at the San Diego company. It’s the latest offering from an outfit that specializes in all natural products for pets. “The wipes can be used all over except for near the eyes,” Lewis says. “They’re mild, so they can even be used on sensitive skin.” Sprinks lavender scented pet grooming wipes are naturally enriched with hydrating properties of Vitamin E and Aloe Vera, to soothe and clean your pet. The wipes are also handy for cleaning up unexpected messes and maintaining a moisturized coat and skin.

The lavender wipes come in two sizes; a travel size containing 10 wipes, wholesaling for $1.99 and retailing for $3.99, and a deluxe pack of 50 that wholesales for $4.50 and retails for $9.99. The wipes come packaged with ‘S’ hooks, and Sprinks will include merchandising strips on request with your order. “We run monthly promotions, advertised via our newsletter and on the wholesale vendor portal area on our site,” Lewis says. “To become a member, we just need your contact info and a tax ID to get started,” she adds. “If you have a pet store, pet specialty boutique, or any business dealing with our four legged friends, you should get to know us.”

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