Treasures 2 Die 4 Has Full-Size Artwork For Your Dishwasher

Barbara Simon, owner of wholesaler, Treasures 2 Die 4, has been painting ever since she was a child, and has now taken that skill and turned it into a kitchen decorating phenomenon. “I saw in a magazine a piece of art that covered the front of a dishwasher,” she recalls. “I thought it was pretty, so I ordered one, but it fell apart in three months,” she says. Believing she could do better, Simon did her own painting on canvas, then found a company to make a laser print of the artwork, and mount it with a magnetic backing and a plastic Mylar front. Thus was born, Dishwasher Décor, and Simon now has 19 different art scenes available for any type of kitchen.

“The beauty of these is that you can change the look of your kitchen any time, to make it fun and entertaining,” she says. “You can change it for the holidays, or use one to spruce up an outdated or damaged appliance. The applications are endless,” Simon adds. Currently selling at craft shows and festivals, Simon is looking to add small businesses and boutiques to her customer base. The Dishwasher Décor covers wholesale for $35, with a suggested retail of $65. The minimum order is six, in pairs, and discounts are available for larger orders. “Right now our most popular seller is what we call, ‘The Martini Lady,’ an elegant woman in a black skirt and red heels, enjoying her favorite beverage,” Simon says. “We can also do custom orders made from a favorite photo,” she adds. Simon is also working on adding new pictures to her lineup. “Whenever the mood strikes, I start painting again,” she says.


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