Jide Trading: It’s All Fun and Games and TOYS

Child Playing with ToyJide Trading, Inc., with an entertaining presentation of animation, color, and cheerful faces on its company homepage is sure to catch the attention of any visitor, but its true attention grabbing quality comes from the displayed promise, “Bringing a Smile to Every Child.” This California based toys and general merchandise wholesaler began the rewarding business of children’s playtime products in 2006 as a joint venture between Jide Trading President, Jimmy Hernandez, and his business partner, Delia Flores. Toys marketed specifically for boys, girls or both are sold at an average wholesale price of $0.65, with a minimum order size of $500. Toys are also featured based on category, such as summer seasonal and battery-operated, among others. Although supplying to other wholesalers, importers, as well as chain stores, Jide Trading also sells its toy product lines to convenient stores, and largely, discount stores.

As a large portion of Jide Trading’s clientele are 99 cent stores, it has witnessed these discount stores selling retail around $0.99 to $1.29. A plethora of toys can be added to your shopping cart such as super hero figurines, toy trucks and cars, glow-in-the-dark swords, pvc animals, among other items. And while Jide Trading is looking to import and soon add Halloween decorations and Christmas ornaments to its product lines, Hernandez remarks, “As far as new products [toys], nothing hot is coming to market at the moment. Makers are very skeptical about new products due to the shortage in labor and increase in cost of material. But, new ways of doing business are on their way, and opportunities will be on the rise.”

Those retailers looking for specials are in luck if in attendance at ASD and AMD shows in Las Vegas, held July 31 and August 3 respectively. Hernandez confirms, “Jide Trading will be offering deals on shipping for all orders taken at the show, at booth V2300.” The company has built customer confidence over the years as all its merchandise complies with customs regulations (i.e., lead, small parts, non-phthalate), and is produced with all new materials. Any concerns and all recalls are addressed on the company’s homepage under “What’s New?”

For more information:
Jide Trading Inc.
6021 Bandini Blvd
Bell, CA 90040
Toll Free: 866-544-7822
Fax: 323-736-7788
Website: www.jidetrading.com