Economical Alternative for Gold Jewelry

Gold Filled BangleServing primarily Miami, FL, and the surrounding area, JK Gold Filled Jewelry supplies independent jewelry retailers with gold filled Indian bangles and earrings. As an economical choice, gold filled jewelry, not to be confused with gold plated, is a preferred alternative as the price of gold continues to rise. Wholesale prices on the gold filled jewelry line depend on size and quality, ranging between $11 to $15 per dozen.

Big Market for Bangles

Although JK Gold Filled Jewelry is looking to add a product line of chains and currently sells earrings, the company’s gold-filled bangles appear to be a continuing popular item. Offered in 7 sizes, as well as brass tricolor and brass gold designs, JK Gold Filled Jewelry’s owner, Kenny Daryanani, says, “The 6 millimeter sized bangle is by far the most popular and purchased about 80 to 90 percent of the time. As for the style, popularity is 50/50 between the brass tricolor and brass gold bangles.” The Brass Tricolor Bangle 6 mm has a wholesale around $11 per dozen, depending on size, and the Brass Gold Bangles 6 mm wholesale for around $9 per dozen. The retailer sets his own retail price, many times selling two for $5 or one for $3.

With a first order minimum of $100, retailers can purchase both bangles and earrings by the dozen. According to Daryanani, “I try to make sure that an assortment of diamond cut designs are offered in each order. For instance, if you buy five dozen, I will send you five different designs.” Daryanani believes no minimum order is needed after the initial sale, as retailers have been given the opportunity to review the gold filled jewelry’s high quality. Also, the greater the quantity purchased, the better the price, as volume discounts will be given during order placement.

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