Creepy Crawlies for Kiosks

The Real Insect Company and its Lucite Acrylic resin nature novelty items can be found in retail stores in all 50 states. Admittedly finding its start in the San Francisco Bay area as an actively involved community member, the company has increased its business from classrooms to kiosks, and buggy encounters to desktop decorations. Tony Lee, co-founder and owner, comments, “Our business was and still is beneficial to schools and teachers.” Yet, with a kiosk program, The Real Insect, Co., is looking to expand beyond the classroom and extend upon the success of those retailers already offering its ocean, flower and insect novelty items outside their inline stores.

Lee explains, “Quite a few, nearly 50, of the retailers carrying our products have our jewelry, key chains, displays and decorations showcased at kiosks. A kiosk program is well suited for our attention-grabbing items.” There’s something for everyone, including the encased brown recluse computer mouse that glows in the dark, selling wholesale for $12 and retail for $28, a starfish bracelet sold at $9 wholesale for six pieces and retailing at $5.99 for each, a miniature rose key chain sold at $10.80 wholesale for six pieces and $6.99 retail, or an encased scorpion necklace at $9 wholesale for six pieces and retailing $7.99 apiece. Retailers featuring these novelty items at their kiosks sell them either as individual displays or in combination with other in-store products.

Among the Real Insect Company’s top sellers, the Tarantula versus Scorpion paperweight sells wholesale for $45, with a suggested retail of $99.99. According to Lee, “Any item showcasing the scorpion is a top seller, as the scorpion has many meanings, not only because of the zodiac sign but also culturally.” Another popular item is a necklace featuring the Green Rose Chafer insect. This item is sold at a wholesale price of $13.50 for six pieces, which can be sold retail for $7.99 each. The Real Insect, Co., is in the test phase of creating POP displays, as well as looking into UPC coding for increased salability. Customers are also satisfied to learn that the company’s showcased specimens are farm raised and not endangered. Lee emphasizes, “We have 26 zoo gift shops that buy from us. In order to sell our products, we have to be certified by the government, and farm raise the insects and the flowers.”

As the Real Insect, Co., does not have a brick and mortar store, its representatives are frequent attendees at industry tradeshows, such as ASD in Las Vegas. Independent retailers frequenting these tradeshows, as well as those opting to become new retailers of the company’s products, are offered discounts. Lee assures retailers interested in carrying the products, “We offer our best selling package, showcasing items that have traditionally sold well. Once independent retailers begin to learn the buying habits of their customers for these products, they can then tailor what items they offer.”

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