Speed Pepper Spray

Tornado Defense SystemAccording to the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC), the news has become a reporting ground for stories of assault and violent crimes. Thankfully, as the NCPC reports, “The incidence of personal violence has dropped to its lowest level in almost three decades.” The drop in these incidences of personal violence could be the result of people becoming more vigilant in taking precautions for crime prevention. As Sven Habermann, founder of Ruger Ultra, says, “Stop an attack before it starts.”

After a hunting trip, Habermann was left unharmed, but awakened, by a false bear charge. If the bear had not taken flight in the opposite direction, Habermann would have been left for dead without any assistance from his pepper spray. Habermann, more sure than ever after the incident, believes, “pepper sprays are designed incorrectly, as they must always be accessible.” They need to be ready to be deployed in less than a second. In my opinion, most pepper sprays are three to five seconds too long in deployment.” Therefore, Habermann took his idea for a new pepper spray design to a tradeshow in Germany last year, and left with the interest of the attendees and a soon to be partnership with Ruger, a leading rifle manufacturer.

Ruger Ultra provides an answer to those concerned for their personal safety, but anxious about the use of pepper spray in panicked defense. In a study conducted by the company, women respondents addressed the following concerns: use of the pepper spray under stress; proper spraying direction; and the possibility of pepper spray being stolen and used by an assailant. The Ruger Ultra’s three in one defense system addresses these common concerns, as the pepper spray does not require fine motor skills, with one simple push of a button. Furthermore, the spray can only be released in one direction, with a finger lock design to keep the spray secure and ready for use against an assailant.

Habermann emphasizes, “The second you decide to use your pepper spray, you touch one button, the safety is off, it is always pointed in the right direction, and an alarm signifies to others there is danger in the area. The strobe light allows you to see the entire area while disorienting your attacker.” Habermann’s growing line of accessories also ensures easy accessibility on the go, in the car and at home. Habermann asks retailers interested in Ruger Ultra to call for wholesale pricing and volume discounts. Those tobacco shops, convenient stores, high-end gun stores, and truck stops already purchasing the product are selling it at an average retail price of $29.99. There is no price, however, for a less than a second process that allows someone in danger to stop an attack before it starts.

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