Galan Enterprises’ IDs: Hot Novelty Product

Galan EnterprisesBeginning in 1984, Galan Enterprises’ ID cards were a hot attraction among vendor booths at the flea market, but over two decades later the novelty item has become a popular purchase for independent retailers across the board, who are looking for an impulse buy with a 300 plus percent markup. People’s obsession with characters, cultural icons and celebrities drives them to purchase and accessorize their lives with novelty items such as IDs that carry the image of Betty Boop, Abraham Lincoln, Elvis and more. According to Bob Galan, president of Galan Enterprises, “While the overall product line grabs customers’ attention at check out, the best selling IDs are those that depict popular figures among high school and college kids.” With a good value price of $0.95 wholesale and a suggested retail of $3 to $5, Galan emphasizes the longevity of the product, commenting, “I have a large number of customers who have been carrying the product line for 12 to 15 years, happy with the price and always looking forward to new styles.”

Small Minimums Make Novelty Products a Good Purchase

The IDs, much like a license, are laminated cards, making them durable. They also fit in any wallet due to their credit card-like size. Available in seven categories, including celebrity, political, western and Civil war, as well as pirates, retailers can purchase an assortment as long as they meet the minimum order of $100. According to Galan, “I like to work with small minimums, making the product available to any retailer big or small. The main goal is to let them see what a great product these IDs are, especially since customers will quite often buy more than one.” The product is offered with a POP display, in which retailers can choose from an 8, 20, 32, 50 or 100 pocket fixture.

Over the years, Galan Enterprises’ IDs have received so much recognition that even big name companies and brands have requested custom-made cards. Galan says, “We are making IDs for companies like Bicardi, Disney, Jimmy Buffet, as well as custom work for individual gift shops.” With only a 300 piece minimum, any customer can order a custom made ID, with artwork all inclusive in the price. Galan enterprises offers other Hollywood memorabilia and metal signs, which have become a close second in impulse buy popularity.

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