Michelle and Scott’s Proud to Service Independent Retailers

Costume JewelryMichelle and Scott’s Wholesale Imports’ mission is clear. Scott McMillen, president, says, “Our mission is to target the smaller independent retailer because we know we can supply them with products that will not only make them money, but will allow them to compete with larger big box and discount stores.” With thousands of SKUs, the company’s independent customers range from fashion boutiques to gift shops, and even flea markets. Michelle and Scott’s Wholesale Imports specializes in fashion and costume jewelry and hair accessories, but also supplies staple products in the health and beauty category, as well as sunglasses and giftware. McMillen notes, “Among all our products, and even as we add for the times and trends, fashion jewelry and hair accessories are by far the categories we deal with the most.” Retailers can find good deals and markup opportunities in these product catetgories, such as U.S. made hair bows for $13.50 wholesale for a dozen, retailing for $7 or $8 a piece, or bracelets and earrings available for $7.50 a dozen, with a retail value of $9.95 a set.

Independent Retailers Receive Premium Customer Service

Looking to please its independent retail customers, Michelle and Scott’s Wholesale Imports not only seeks to deliver good customer service, but also fast service. By having its headquarters and warehouse in Memphis, TN, Michelle and Scott’s Wholesale Imports cleverly has two day shipping access to most of the population in the United States. “We are positioned to deliver to 80 percent of the U.S. in two days or less by normal shipping methods, which means UPS Ground. Remarkably, New York City, Dallas, TX, and Miami, FL are all two day delivery from us,” McMillen says. Fast customer service requires more than fast shipping, asserts McMillen. It requires a website that is a snap to use. “When someone wants to do business with us, they can visit our website. Our new customers can go to the website, register, put in their business credentials, and place an order.

Michelle and Scott’s Wholesale Imports also realizes that its customers cannot afford to have a lot of money tied up in inventory. That is why, in addition to fast ordering and delivery, it prides itself on keeping minimum orders at a very low level. A low minimum of $75 is required, as many customers may need to keep inventories at a reasonable level. McMillen adds, “We let customers put together their own kind of sample orders. We do not put together pre-packaged sample packs for new customers, because we sell too many different types of merchandise. It does not make sense to try to figure out what everyone wants to buy, but it does make sense to lower our minimum, so customers can try out different lines before they have to invest heavily.” While this is all great news, especially for those customers just coming on board, Michelle and Scott’s Wholesale Imports doesn’t forget about its loyal customers. Those customers who have already purchased and have opted into the company mailing list, will frequently receive loyalty coupons for offers like free shipping or 10 percent off a total order. A point discount program is also available on the company website, for those customers making purchases through the online portal.

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