Consumers Celebrate Patriotism with Merchandise This Fourth

Patriotic ProductsThe recent enthusiasm over the return of American manufacturing could be an indication of increased patriotic sentiment this Fourth of July. With much to celebrate such as the state of economic recovery and success in the war against terrorism, consumers are looking for merchandise to showcase their American pride. The NRF’s annual Independence Day survey, conducted by BIGresearch, verifies retailers also have a reason to celebrate, as 20.1 percent of consumers are anticipated to buy patriotic merchandise, up from 16.2 percent last year.

Consumers Look to Purchase Patriotic Products

According to the NRF, “A renewed sense of pride is also evident by the patriotic merchandise found in many American households.” Nearly 126 million people said they have a flag, while 89 million own U.S.-themed apparel. And while it appears that American-themed merchandise is finding increased interest, it is the Made in USA products that have Americans investing their money, and in turn showcasing their patriotic pride.

In fact, the retail store, “Made in America,” can blame its booming business on 2011’s increased patriotism. Located in Elma, NY, Made in America is receiving many of its visitors and shoppers from the tour buses on their way to Niagra Falls and visitor hot spots. As these visitors take a few minutes to explore the store, store owner, Mark Andol, reassures his shoppers, “When you walk through them doors, I guarantee when you’re shopping, the homework’s been done. It’s 100 percent made in America products. Made in this country by American workers, and the money stays in our economy. So, enjoy yourself.” Andol’s consumers are do just that, while shoppers nationwide, this Fourth of July, are visiting their local retailers to browse shelves for American made labels and purchase a piece of patriotic pride.