Aromatherapy From L&V

Aromatherapy from L&V

Retired from a successful career in the satellite TV business, Luis Santoni, owner of L&V Creations, still remains a focused businessman, operating a family owned fragrance business. As aromatherapy becomes popularly accepted in the treatment of pain and stress, interest increases in home therapy fragrance products. “We have 1,200 to 1,500 customers worldwide,” Santoni says. “That didn’t happen by accident.” L&V carries one of the largest selections of aroma lamps and fragrance oils, and more than 160 fragrances. All products are UL approved, use high-end quality parts, and can be purchased at low prices, such as the aroma lamps (plug-in and electric tabletop), ranging from $5 to $9 wholesale, and fragrance oils as low as $0.69.

Aromatherapy: A Gift That Sells Itself

“I wanted to design aroma lamps for people selling the oils and incense burners in pushcarts in the mall,” Santoni explains. So, Santoni went to Mexico to develop new lamps. “Our products became really popular; they were different and their high quality was the appeal,” he says. The products did so well that competitors began copying Santoni’s designs, driving him to extend his product lines from electric aroma lamps to plugin lamps, acclaimed to have a one-time use that replaces 10 units of other well known plugin fragrance products. From there, L&V added fragrance oils, body oils, incense and 100 percent pure undiluted essential oils, ranging from $1.95 to $3.95, creating a customer base not limited to mall kiosks, and including gift shops, boardwalk shops, tackle shops, and wherever gifts are sold.

Among the best selling items are L&V’s electric lamps, or tabletop night lights, offered in both glass and metal designs. “They look classy,” says Santoni. “But they are also customizable, as a top plate can be removed to fill each lamp with a fragrance oil of your choice.” These items may be purchased wholesale from $3.50 to $8.95. L&V Creations is the original designer of the already famous plug-in night light aroma lamp, with about 100 different designs, and already more than 150 designs of the tabletop variety of aroma lamps. Santoni prefers to leave retail pricing up to the independent retailers who serve different customer markets. For Luis Santoni, it’s about more than just dollars and ‘scents.’ “We have a passion in that we like what we do,” Santoni says about his family business, involving both his wife, Valerie, and his son, Edwin. “We care about the little guy. Big companies have offered to carry our line, but if I went with them, I’d have to ignore the small retailer, so I’ve turned them down for now,” he says. And although L&V is looking to add international manufacturers to help meet the growing market demand, Santoni is not willing to sacrifice quality. Until the company meets its manufacturing needs, Santoni believes it is best to ration his product, so that all interested retailers are supplied an equal amount of product.

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