Electronic Cigarette Injector

Forget skyrocketing gas prices, as an estimated 45.9 million U.S. smokers are dealing with other cost inflation issues. With the cost of cigarettes on the rise, many smokers have turned to a one time investment in a cigarette rolling machine, as well as discounted bulk buying of filtered cigarette tubes and tobacco. In fact, All Fun Gifts lists its Powermatic 2 as one of the hot items among its 5,000 plus SKUs. According to Jayson Magura, owner of All Fun Gifts, “The Powermatic 2 is an electric cigarette injector device. It is better than a rolling machine, providing your customers with an improved cigarette buying alternative, peace of mind, and choice.”

Roll Cigarettes Without the Hassle

For a suggested retail price of $100, smokers can purchase the ability to inject their cigarette tubes without the hassle of rolling. Once the smoker has chosen the preferred filters and tobacco, a perfect cigarette is made in seconds, with all the ingredients known and no added chemicals. This electric cigarette injector has controlled tobacco intake, and comes with a removable tobacco tray. For those independent retailers servicing smokers looking for such an alternative, you can purchase the Powermatic 2 for $69 wholesale, or $65 wholesale per unit with an order of a dozen.

Established in 1999 and originally named Appalachian Creations, All Fun Gifts has transformed from a smoking line focused wholesaler, to a one stop shop alternative wholesaler. Through both its website and catalog, offering 264 pages of products, smoke shops and gift shops looking for alternative gifts will find a wide range of products, from the extensive smoking line to clothing, games, jewelry, hacky sacks, and much more. Magura adds, “Much like the Powermatic 2’s quantity discount, the company offers quantity pricing for many of its products, as well as monthly specials such as free shipping and sometimes 10 percent off the entire minimum order of $100.”

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