Paperless Receipts

The national movement to go Green has independent retailers investing in eco-friendly bags, displays, and now, paperless receipts. According to the Boston Herald, “Major retailers such as Apple, Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters and Nordstrom already give customers the option to go digital. For instance, Whole Foods is piloting a paperless option in the mid-Atlantic region that could spread nationwide.” Who says your brick and mortar store can’t be among them? Federal regulations no longer require merchants to ask for a signature on a credit card purchase under $25, or to provide receipts for debit card transactions of $15 or less, making the integration of paperless receipts a strong possibility.

Paperless Transactions an Increasing Possibilty

Increasing smartphone purchases, application use, and personal email access has opened numerous channels for customers to research and buy products, as well as become informed about these purchases. With the cost of receipt paper on an upward trend, “a growing number of merchants are not printing receipts for small transactions, and instead offer customers paperless receipts via email or smartphone apps,” reports Small businesses have an advantage over chain stores, as the adoption and implementation of a digitally run and paperless transaction process can occur faster and with less infrastructure change.

Organizations supportive of the Green movement, and able to assist retailers in their competitive decision to go paperless, have begun to offer electronic solutions such as the emailing of receipts, electronic tracking of inventory, and producing robust transaction reporting. Among these organizations is the Perk Card Beta System, a revolutionary, patent pending system that replaces the traditional paper receipt. Through participating retail outlets, anytime a registered consumer makes a purchase, their receipt information will automatically be sent to a secure, online database.

Once the information for the transaction has been added to the system, the customer can simply login and view their receipt. In fact, the database allows consumers to manage, categorize and add notes for all stored receipts. Derek Thornton, president and CEO of The Perk Card, assures uneasy retailers, “With the acquisition of customer email addresses used for login, an opportunity arises for more targeted advertising outreach.” Paperless receipts will not only save retailers time and money, but will provide a better image, as consumers appreciate and value an environmentally conscious business.