Attitude of Gratitude Gifts

In an unpredictable world of trials and tribulations, who could ask for a better gift than the gift of healing and inspiration? Tom Warmus, founder of Attitude Rocks™, was the recipient of such a gift from a family member during a time of need. As a result, Warmus was inspired to market a self-help product to others who may not have someone there to help them through a hard time. In 2010, Warmus’ idea came to market in the original design of a loose stone with the engraved saying, “Attitude of Gratitude.” The product idea, however, after attending the New York International Gift Fair, has grown from a single line of merchandise to an expanded line of inspirational gifts. These gifts include loose stones, key chains and necklaces, featuring five “Attitude” slogans. With wholesale prices ranging from $3.25 to $5.25, Warmus’ Attitude Rocks™ are a growing hit at general gift stores, boutiques, as well as new age and holistic shops, but also have the potential to be a marketable product line in a broad range of brick and mortar stores.

Gifts of Gratitude, Peace, Love and Happiness

Using a sand blasting technique to engrave the natural stones, accompanied by a paint filling process, each Attitude Rocks™ product is given a natural feel and unique quality, as no two items are the same. Warmus says, “Products are available with silver filled lettering for a more natural and elegant look, or color filled lettering for a hint of character and fun. The most important part is no matter the paint fill, prices are the same for both choices.” The loose stones, with any of the five slogans and paint fill choices, are only $3.25 wholesale, and key chains and necklaces are $4.75 and $5.25 respectively. Retailers can sell these products at a suggested retail of $6.50 for the loose stones, while key chains retail for $9.50 to $15 and necklaces can retail for $15.75 to $24.

Attitude Rocks™ are gifts that will lift you up, figuratively speaking. With five slogans, Attitude of Gratitude, Happiness, Love, Peace and Prayer, and an etched saying, “-it lifts you up!™,” receivers of these gifts are reminded of the value of showing gratitude and appreciation for the good things in life. Warmus explains, “For those consumers who want to make this show of gratitude a part of their daily living, each product comes with an inspirational message, instructing you to use the product as a daily reminder to stop and think of the things for which you are thankful and grateful.” After 21 days, give or take, of practicing this habit, it will become a natural part of your daily routine.

For the time being, Attitude Rocks™ requires a minimum order of $100, with the ability to mix and match items within each order. Customers can also mix and match product packaging, as retailers can choose from red or black velvet pouches or the original blue box with silver ribbon design. Future purchasing perks still in production include a discounted starter kit and POP display. Warmus will be attending the New York International Gift Fair, Pier 92 Booth 30009, Aug. 13 to 17, exhibiting his newly expanded product line.

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