Gold Testers Sales On Roll

With the ambition to become a gemologist, Dennis Shea, president of National Jewelers Supplies, received his diamond certificate and was working towards other gemologist certificates, when another trade in the jewelry industry peaked his interest. Months of studying led to months of investing in different jeweler’s tools, and soon Shea was more interested in the loupes and magnifiers than what was on the other side of the lens. Although his start in 2004 as a tools supplier began as a business targeted towards gemologists, National Jewelers Supplies also sells to crafts people, bench jewelers, antique shops and more.

Best Sellers Include Any and All Gold Testers

Among its thousands of products, the company’s recent best sellers include any and all gold testers, acid and electronic alike. Online prices of electronic gold testing equipment range from $80 to $200, and acid testing kits between $45 to $80. Jewelers use gold testing kits to ensure the karat value of a piece is valid, and with gold prices up by 1.4 percent to $1,386.27 an ounce in the first quarter of 2011, from $1,366.78 an ounce in the fourth quarter of 2010, an accurate gold tester is necessary. Good gold testers represent invaluable tools for professional jewelers, especially during a time when gold is at an all time high. “With the cost of precious metals so high, gold is big business right now, as consumers are trying to cash in their gold jewelry,” says Shea.

In fact, the upward trend of gold prices has Shea excited about a new gold tester, the GemOro AuRACLE. Shea notes, “The AuRACLE is the newest gold tester that is going to take off in the market.” Jewelers can quickly, safely and accurately appraise gold with the no hassle, handheld electronic device. The tester provides unmatched accurate readings on all colors, from 6k to 24k, and even platinum. The product will be available for $429.

While National Jewelry Supplies is a leading supplier of gold testers, it also offers about 3,000 in-stock items online, including benches, loupes and scales. According to Shea, “The company offers about 10,000 products, some in catalogues, which can be ordered and purchased via phone.” National Jewelry Supplies requires no minimum order, as the customer base has grown over the years to include homeowners looking to clean jewelry they’ve purchased. Shea mentions, “While gold testers are a hot item at the moment, cleaning supplies, pliers and everyday household items always make decent sales.” Shea has noticed, however, even with no minimum his average customer spends over $100, and has implemented a special deal for all orders of $99 and over to receive free ground shipping.

National Jewelers Supplies, with its primary business in supplying jeweler’s tools, has also positioned itself to be an informational resource to gemologists and bench jewelers alike. A visit to the company website reveals multiple fact sheets on supplies that clean, grade and repair jewelry, as well as “How To” documents. Part of Shea’s plan in making the website an informational resource is to engage his customers in a way they understand best. Shea notes, “We want to use social media more to reach out to our customers. We want to use Facebook and blog space to not only market, but share knowledge about supplies, procedures and gemologist facts.”

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