Odom’s Delivers Truckload Profits

Odom's Delivers Truckload ProfitsIf you ask manager of Odom’s Wholesale, Addison Everett, “How many product lines do you carry and how many individual items do you sell?” he responds, “We sell all kinds of things. We offer far too many product lines to count them all!” And while Everett’s response may seem broad, it is telling of the broad spectrum of product that Odom’s Wholesale both imports and manufactures. While the wholesale business officially began in 1991, Odom’s Wholesale has a history and a family name behind it. Jim Odom was manufacturing and selling lamps and mattresses with his father when he was 14. Now, Odom’s business has grown beyond lamps and mattresses, and also offers toys, office supplies and a continuously growing array of furniture. Odom’s Wholesale doesn’t require a minimum order size, offering purchase opportunities by the piece, pallet or truckload.

Profit by the Truckload

In fact, the company slogan is, “Delivering Profit by the Truckload!” According to Everett, “The deal of the hour is truckload quantities on furniture. There is some real opportunity to make money on these loads.” With Odom’s Wholesale owning its own trucking fleet, customers receive savings upfront. The order can be shipped directly from the source, saving money on freight. Truckloads of salvage furniture are available for as low as 20 percent of wholesale cost. Everett explains, “If an item on that truckload has a normal wholesale price of $100, the customer only pays $20 for it, and it could be sold for $200 on a 100 percent markup from the regular wholesale price. If that’s not the way to make money, I don’t know what is!”

Quite aware of the sluggish economy as other furniture and mattress manufacturers have dropped off and looked towards imported goods, Odom’s Wholesale continues to grow stronger every year. While the company does carry imported products, it still remains a manufacturer. Everett notes, “Thus far, we’ve successfully met the challenges of a changing market and have been able to use it as a platform to progress as a company. All throughout, we’ve managed to keep one thing consistent: our price integrity!” In the past, Odom’s Wholesale has given special pricing to first time customers, depending on what they are purchasing. The company also offers volume discounts. Everett says, “The more you buy, the cheaper it gets.” As a supplier of closeouts and liquidations, manufacturer seconds, customer returns and warehouse buy-outs, the products are always changing, and customers are encouraged to check back often.

Much like the Odom’s Wholesale business, the company website has been continually growing and changing. For the time being, its purpose is to give potential customers a feel for who the company is and what it offers. Everett says, “We try to give specific information so we can help website visitors decide quickly whether or not we are a good option for them. We know what it’s like to have to filter through 20 websites to find that one supplier you are looking for.” Current and specific inventory is not listed now, but is part of plans for the website in the future. Overall customer reaction to the website, merchandise and pricing has been very positive. Everett notes, “Our customers are continually telling us they like what they’re buying and what they’re paying, and because they keep coming back, we feel it must be true.”

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