Simply Grab N’ Pour

In 1972, Pepsi introduced a revolutionary new package that would change the soft drink industry forever: the two liter bottle. In 2011, Chris O’Sullivan introduced a revolutionary pouring device that will change picnics and potluck dinners forever: the Grab N’ Pour. No more setting down a full plate at the end of the food line, where counter space is limited. O’Sullivan says, “You can try and multitask and pour with one hand; that’s what I did at a potluck. With one squeeze of the bottle, soda came pouring out all over me, the counter and the food.” From there, O’Sullivan began dreaming up a one handed holder that didn’t need to be screwed or clipped on. While an exact wholesale cost for the Grab N’ Pour is unavailable at this early stage of production, O’Sullivan will be offering the product to both distributors and retailers. O’Sullivan adds, “Prices will allow for healthy profit margins, and retailers are expected to sell the product at $3.99.”

Grab N’ Pour Allows Users to Grab and Pour with No Unexpected Mess

The Grab N’ Pour is offered in multiple colors, including blue, white and red, with a small upcharge for orders requesting customized colors, although a plethora of colors are available to match any style. The product design also incorporates a translucent material, so all soda labels are visible. The Grab N’ Pour slips over the bottle, and as the handle is grasped for use, the bottle is squeezed tightly and evenly for a sturdy hold. Once a user lets go of the handle, the force holding the bottle is released, and the product can be easily slipped off and used on another two liter bottle. O’Sullivan adds, “For those who suffer from a disability, arthritis, or stroke, the Grab N’ Pour is designed for one handed use, and it’s lightweight.”

The Grab N’ Pour, in its beginning stages about two years ago, started as a homemade prototype from items in O’Sullivan’s garage. Multiple prototypes were then developed, after working closely with a plastics and molding company and engineer. From there, O’Sullivan began the patent process and manufacturing. Looking to sell the item as an impulse buy near or in the soda aisle, the Grab N’ Pour can easily be marketed anywhere two liter bottles of soda are sold, including grocery stores, convenience stores, and pharmacies. For those retailers with wide aisles, a 64 count dump bin is available, while those with narrower aisles will receive hang tags for the Grab N’ Pour product to use on a peg board or clip strip displays. Product is received from the manufacturer in boxes of 16, and the minimum order size is 64.

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