Trik Topz Offers Variety

As reported in Independent Retailer’s June 2010 issue, most brick and mortar retailers felt the effects of a sluggish economy, and the result was reduced inventory and sales. Yet, the economy was forecasted to take an upturn, and 2011 looks to be a better year for wholesalers and retailers alike. Trik Topz President, Areg Ghlandian, confirms this forecast, saying, “With the increase in buyer confidence this year, we have seen a surge in retailers’ interest in stocking their shelves with more products and more variety.” In fact, Ghlandian suggests that Trik Topz’ 12 product lines and 3,000 items fit a diverse marketplace and variety selection for every age and every background. The company’s U.S. manufactured novelty products include bumper stickers, comic quotes, and metal signs. Ghlandian notes, “Our fun novelty lines are designed to give customers a way to express their personalities, from stickers to signs.”

Products That Express Personality

Keeping an eye on new trends, as well as customer requests, Trik Topz continues to add to its product lines. For instance, Trik Topz’ recently added the in-demand product, Metallic Decalz, which cost $1.35 wholesale and retail for $2.99. Other hot items include Trik Topz’ comic quotes, available for $1.50 apiece wholesale, with a possible 150 percent markup at $2.49 retail. Manufacturing “funny stuff” since 1982, Trik Topz has made its business and products about giving individuals a way to express their personalities, whether through witty sayings, iconic symbols or personalized propaganda. Ghlandian comments on up and coming products, saying, “This summer we are introducing a new line of key chains designed to reflect a user’s personality.”

While the company’s wholesale and markup value appeal to retailers rebuilding inventory, it is Trik Topz’ minimums and special deals that have retailers talking. Ghlandian explains, “We have scaled back our minimum case quantities to offer stores the ability to purchase as low as one piece of an individual item, as opposed to our previous requirement of a dozen per item.” As long as buyers meet the $75 minimum, they can purchase one or 12 of each product, whatever works best for their store. Trik Topz recently launched a new wholesale site, and the company is celebrating with 10 percent off all online purchases for new customers, and five percent off all for current customers. Ghlandian adds, “As a manufacturer, we are positioned to give great discounts to volume purchases. With a minimum order of $75, all customers can pick and choose any product they want and we’ll create a special package.”

In addition to Trik Topz growing product lines, the company has developed multiple display options. For those who desire custom work, there is no setup fee. Display options include wall fixtures and floor spinners. Some are made of acrylic and have a small footprint, designed for counter top sales. The company attributes its spike in April sales to these new displays and their ability to supply retailers’ growing demand for more inventory and more selection. Ghlandian says, “In response to retailers’ needs, we have developed displays to carry a multitude of products, giving retailers an opportunity to be more selective in which product lines they want to carry and how these products are arranged.”

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