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Buyers and sellers must be brought together to jump start the economy, and this is the goal of Value Merchandise Expo and its principals, who are fed up with some large tradeshows’ lack of customer focus. In a recovering economy, Value Merchandise Expo has scheduled the New York event at the Jacob Javits Convention Center, Sept. 11 to 13, to grow with the demands of the value priced marketplace. Through collaboration with key exhibitors and media partners, as well as marketing campaigns aimed at creating new opportunities, Value Merchandise Expo continues to promote value and service to all attendees. As one principal of the tradeshow comments, “The Value Merchandise Expo is about getting back to basics, and providing exhibitors and attending buyers with old school treatment. We want seamless communication and transactions to be made, benefiting exhibitors, buyers, and ultimately those buyers’ customers.”

Sellers and Buyers Focused on the Transaction

The Value Merchandise Expo promises exhibitors that they will not need to focus on cost or operations such as transportation and showcasing merchandise. While some tradeshows may charge close to $3,000 for a spot in the show, Value Merchandise Expo offers exhibit space for under $2,000. A principal further emphasizes that, “Value Merchandise Expo provides assistance in getting products through the door and ready to showcase. All the exhibitors have to focus on is sales.”

Buyers will experience less shuffling and more one on one attention, from invitation to transaction. Customer service calls will be made inviting buyers to the show, while a few select buyers will receive incentives such as an all expenses paid trip to the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York City. Once the tradeshow is underway, Value Merchandise Expo keeps the events simple, with a white cocktail party allowing buyers and sellers to mingle away from booths to setup pre-appointments. However, the majority of the event is spent at booths, networking and transacting.

Those attending Sunday and Monday, 9:30 am to 5 pm EST, and Tuesday 9:30 am to 1 pm, will have a chance to browse and purchase from close to 100 exhibitors in numerous categories, including housewares, sporting goods, health and beauty supplies, and novelties. The success of Value Merchandise Expo is built on a dynamic exchange of business opportunities between big and small ventures, and between well established and new comers in the value priced industry. Those looking to register are encouraged to visit Value Merchandise Expo’s website at

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