Wholesale Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a great way for independent retailers to add items to their stores without taking on any additional expenses for storage and handling. When a retail customer orders an item, the dropshipping company blind ships the item to your customer. The dropshipping company is paid for the merchandise, and retailers collect payment from their customer, adding a healthy profit margin.  In the current web based world of retail and wholesale, dropshipping makes a lot of sense.  Retailers add items to their online store and make more profits without spending any additional money up front.

Kole Imports, one of America’s largest general merchandise wholesalers, has introduced a new offering that promises to change the way the industry does business. Kole Imports has just moved into the dropship business in a big way, with the launch of a suite of software services on a new website. According to vice president of business development, Jason Kole, the new product is revolutionary. Kole comments, “We’ve been working on this for eight months, and we’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars developing this program. This software platform is going to change the industry.”

What sets Kole Imports apart? First, a high level of accurate, timely product information on a vast array of SKUs. “Right now we have over 6,500 products, but we add new products and closeouts on a regular basis, and those products become part of our data feed, imported into our Excel and CSV files that are updated every night,” says Kole. “Anyone can go to dropship.koleimports.com and download that feed. It includes our product name, long description, real quantity in our warehouse, UPC, link to item pictures, weight, brand name, color, length, width and height.” For more advanced companies, Kole Imports offers an API solution which allows customers to customize their websites to be able to receive Kole’s quantities on hand in real time, and then send orders within seconds. “We can receive an order, process it, and get it out that day. To get set up and learn how to put Kole Imports items on their site, a potential customer just needs to go to dropship.koleimports.com and follow the instructions,” adds Kole.

Accuracy is vital, especially when so many products are involved. “We have a 250,000 square foot warehouse in Carson, CA, and our products have always been available for wholesale sales. With dropship it takes much more precision, and our data is cleaner than it has ever been in the history of the company. We’re actually 99.7 percent accurate in filling dropship orders, which is an industry-leading standard,” says Kole. In a break from the usual practice, Kole does not offer sales on a per-piece basis. The minimum order is an inner package, which could be as small as 12 pieces. “We’re not shipping one piece at a time. There are no more fees, dropship surcharges, or shipping surcharges. The price on the data feed is the full price for the merchandise. The shipping is added on top,” notes Kole.

How does Kole Imports plan to succeed at dropshipping without single item sales and charging absolutely no fees, whether one time, by the month, or by the package? “We think that as people get more savvy in Internet sales, they are beginning to search for products in small wholesale quantities online, where five years ago they would not do that,” he explains. For example, a Cub Scout leader that needs to buy 48 rain ponchos will now go on Google and search for a wholesale package. They don’t want to go to a dollar store and pay $48 for 48 pieces. Now they can go on any of our dropship partners’ websites and buy 48 pieces for maybe $35, which Kole Imports sold to them for $28.”

Buying in multiple quantities with zero fees, low wholesale pricing, numerous items, and the ability to seamlessly integrate with a customers’ own ecommerce site are the remarkable features that may change the way dropshippers do business. That means Kole Imports is an innovator to watch.  If you are considering adding some dropship items to your online store, take a look at dropship.koleimports.com to learn how to get started.

This story is adapted from an interview with Jason Kole, Vice President of Busniess Development, Kole Imports. Jason can be reached at 800-874-7766 ext. 167 or jason@koleimports.com.

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