Open Stock Selection of Women’s Wholesale Apparel

OpenStockApparelOpenStockApparel boasts to be “the BFF of the Independent Retailer,” and like a good friend the company understands the value of sharing. “We pick the most fashionable, quality wholesale clothes at the best prices and pass the discounts on to our customers,” says Jonathan Gordon, president.  Leveraging 30 years of wholesale clothing and retail apparel experience, the company, a division of Legacy Merchandise Group, provides independent retailers with a creative solution for buying women’s, junior and plus size apparel. “Customers choose their sizes and colors with no minimum, and are presented with a low-overhead, streamlined operation. We can do this because we’ve got decade long relationships with vendors, and no sales reps to add to the costs,” notes Gordon. OpenStockApparel shops the world, bringing the pulse of fashion to its wholesale site where retailers can shop in one place.

One Stop Shop Online for Women’s Wholesale Apparel

Customers can browse by dresses, tops, trends, basics and special sizes for high quality, labeled goods, including some designer labels. Gordon emphasizes, “We stay consistent with our brands.” Among the most popular items is the company’s line of Maxi Dresses. While a login is required to view wholesale pricing, customers are provided with photographs and video options to examine the style, color and movement of many of the styles before moving forward with their selection. “Customers won’t be disappointed by price, as we pass on the discounts. A nice quality, embellished tank top that runs $11 wholesale, could easily be sold for $30 retail. Other items make more than keystone, such as some of our jackets, which are available for $49 wholesale and retail for nearly $200,” says Gordon.

OpenStockApparel’s friendship has more to offer, however, than discounts, high quality and trendy merchandise. The company also offers new customer specials and is in the process of developing a drop ship program. “Particpants can sign up online once the program has been finalized,” says Gordon. The new customer special gives newcomers a taste of what OpenStockApparel is all about: customers select $300 worth of open stock apparel (any size, style and color), which ships free, bringing the total cost to $250. “The staff at OpenStockApparel always puts clients first and provides guarantees far above industry standards,” adds Gordon.

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