Friendship Lunch Tote

While most children are not privy to social media such as Facebook, they are accustomed to a certain level of networking. For instance, lunchtime brings friends together over food, allowing new friendships to be made, notes to be swapped, and sandwiches to be shared. Cathy Berse-Hurley, owner of Little Packrats, Inc., wonders why such a social gathering can’t be made into a bigger event. She adds, “My new friendship totes are just the platform to enhance these daily interactions.” A lunch bag redesigned, the friendship tote is lightweight and insulated, but unlike ordinary lunch boxes, children can lay this product flat and pass it around to be signed and drawn on with a Sharpie marker.

Keeping Social with Lunchtime Totes

Available in bright, bold colors such as orange, purple, raspberry and teal, retailers can purchase an assorted case pack of four for $34 wholesale. Making nearly keystone, each tote retails for $17.99. Berse-Hurley notes, “I just ask that retailers meet a minimum order of $180, which can include an assortment of products from my line.” Retailers interested in volume discounts are requested to contact Little Packrats directly, but customers can expect frequent specials. “I do a lot of email marketing and offer tradeshow and seasonal specials. I also offer specials on free shipping and a lot of baker’s dozens sales. In fact, retailers buying 12 friendship totes will receive a thirteenth free,” notes Berse-Hurley.

The friendship totes, like many of the other Little Packrats lines, are PVC, lead and phthalate free, using a material that has a neoprene feel. With a Velcro closure, carry holes and 11” by 12” by 4” dimensions, lunch is easily stored, toted and kept fresh. And while the product is sold separately, it is a nice accessory to Berse-Hurley’s 3D backpacks and school backpacks. Beginning 15 years ago, backpacks featuring whimsical designs with 3D tails and ears became Berse-Hurley’s trademark. Now, a full line of accessories suits any kid and their cargo.

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