Discount Wholesalers: Best Practices in the Warehouse and Online

DWI online storeWhat good is a website if no one can navigate through it? Bryan Eisenberg, co-author of Call to Action, a how to book on creating customer friendly websites, explains, it’s about, “making sure that everyone can get in quickly, buy quickly, then get out again quickly.” Retailers won’t be buying anything if they can’t find it, select it and checkout. Supplying retailers with thousands of everyday necessities, Discount Wholesalers, Inc., utilizes its online space to efficiently and effectively showcase every item it offers. As Executive Sales Manager, Saja Stark, emphasizes, “We try to keep everything in the appropriate category for easy identification.” With an accessible navigation bar at the top and left of the company’s website, retailers have access to all general merchandise, health and beauty products (HBA), cosmetics and household items.

Clean, New and Available Products for Retailers’ Multiple Merchandise Needs

Customers are then presented with product visuals, promising what you see is what you get with Discount Wholesalers’ quality original case or shelf pulled products. Stark confirms that sometimes, “We post manifest listing when we have them. Some pallets come in with a complete excel file with all the UPC codes, wholesale values and piece counts, and we’ll post these as well.” Stark believes that keeping all this information together in an organized manner for visitors of the website to access allows for smoother operations when searching for a product, placing an order, and prepping for shipment by the pallet or the truckload. For instance, “A typical mixed pallet of health and beauty aids could include shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste and other subcategories within the overall HBA category,” she notes. “With organization online and in warehouse, we are able to supply these mixed pallets, enabling a puchase that fills a lot of shelves in a lot of different aisles with a single order.”

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Many wholesalers promise that they have every product a retailer might need, but Discount Wholesalers is true to its word, acting as a one stop shop and meeting retailers’ multiple product needs. Stark says, “Everyday products are the biggest sellers, and we’re moving them at a heavily discounted price, which makes for an even more valuable find for our buyers.” Some of the items the company carries are going for as low as 60 percent off the wholesale price. “So, for example, an item that might manifest in a store for $2, and would normally wholesale for one dollar, we have available for 40 cents,” she says. Following best practices allows Discount Wholesalers to move its products, and fast. Low prices, quality, availability and organization have become expected of the company  and have been key in making sales. “We take a great deal of pride in offering clean, new, name brand, made in the USA, original cased and shelf pulled products, the names people are looking for at a small fraction of their original value,” Stark emphasizes. “We offer goods by the case, by the pallet and by the truckload to accommodate any size customer, regardless if they are around the corner or on the other side of the world.”

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