Effective Vitamin Sprays

While an oral spray delivery system has been slow to catch on in dietary supplement markets, Edgar Ward, president and CEO of NutraFuels, emphasizes, “Supplement sprays will grow in use when consumers realize they are nine times more efficient and effective than the pills and capsule products currently being used.” The manufacturer of vitamin supplements is introducing a revolutionary product line of oral spray nutraceuticals. Using an efficient delivery system that is sprayed into the mouth in the form of a fine mist, it allows the nutrients to be absorbed quickly and directly into the blood stream. “NutraFuels sprays offer up to 98 percent absorption, a big advancement compared to the 10 percent promised by pills and capsules,” adds Ward. The five formulas now available are derived from natural sources and use only the finest ingredients.

NutraFuels Promise Fast Absorption and Easy Marketing

Formulas for appetite control, hair and skin health, immunity and sleep are available in one ounce bottles and offered to retailers carrying dietary supplements for $5 wholesale, which includes shipping. These bottles provide a 200 to 300 percent profit margin, retailing between $14.99 and $19.99. NutraFuels energize formula, a safe, non-stimulant approach to maximize and give optimum energy and endurance, is offered in an eight milliliter microblaster bottle, available for $1.60 wholesale and retailing for $3.99 to $4.99. “Each bottle advertises the necessary serving size. Six sprays of each equals a serving,” says Ward. The bottle comes with 180 sprays, which provides about 30 servings.

And while the guaranteed absorption benefits and berry and lemon flavoring may be enough to convince consumers to try out the new supplements, NutraFuels has taken the time to develop a POP dispenser box to promote impulse buys at the counter. “The microblaster bottles are geared towards checkout. Each 5” by 5” dispenser box holds 32 units,” notes Ward. The one ounce bottles are better marketed in the dietary supplement aisle. While Ward is open to large volume orders with the possibility for discounts, only a one box minimum is required. A box of one ounce bottles holds 20 units and is available for $80, while the microblasters come 32 units in a box for $51.

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