Retail Career Promotions

It is not too often that you hear a student at graduation say they are an aspiring retailer, or would like to be an owner of a brick and mortar store on Main Street. NRF Foundation Chairman and CEO of the Container Store, Kip Tindell, asks, “Why Not?” In a recent letter to retail company executives, Tindell encourages employers to partner with the NRF Foundation. He writes, “Join me and The Container Store, along with many other world class retailers, in making sure that many, many, many more of the best and brightest students coming out of school choose retail for their career.” The call to action is to promote retail as a rewarding and dynamic profession. Those organizations looking to become what Tindell calls, a Retail Careers Employer Partner, require open opportunities for students to come in contact with products, merchandising, marketing, vendor partnerships, and most importantly, people.

Plenty of Opportunities in Retail

Partners must pay a one time fee of $5,000, providing permanent access to an expanding pool of enthusiastic candidates. Partnering organizations will also have access to an online forum, “where blogs and other postings keep your company’s brand front and center when career seekers are ready to research employers and job opportunities,” emphasizes Tindell. And while the benefits are many, partners are expected to make a proactive effort in attracting top talent to the industry. All departments of an organization must be on board, including HR, Recruiting, Marketing and Communications, as well as executives. Tindell suggests that reaching out to student groups in both colleges and high school by hosting internships or using social media will help in attracting potential candidates.

Retail Careers Employer Partners are encouraged to adopt The Container Store’s business philosophy, which has always been, “about the people.” The first step is to visit the Employer Partners page on NRF Foundation’s website, All enrollment forms must be completed and returned to NRF Foundation’s Manager of Outreach, Kelley Zocks, at

This story was adapted from an original piece by the NRF.