Ancient Inspired Shamballa Bracelets Are a Growing Pop Culture Trend

Shamballa BraceletsInspired by meditation and Buddhist history, Shamballa bracelets are more than favorable fashion items. In fact, today’s hip hop celebrities, who have driven their fans to the accessory trend, wear their Shamballa bracelets for purposes beyond fashion, as they are believed to support peace, tranquility and happiness. While the accessory has kept its spiritual meaning, its traditional design has somewhat changed. Originally sporting a nylon or waxed linen string embellished by hematite and metal beads, current styles favored by celebrities and their fans now include gemstones, disco bead balls and diamonds. RC Jewels, a hip hop jewelry wholesaler in business for over 10 years, realizing the increasing popularity of these accessories and their role in converging ancient and pop culture, began carrying its own Shamballa product line in January.

Shamballa Bracelets Benefit Independent Retailers

An owner of RC Jewels notes, “The bracelets have taken off since January, and we sell more and more each month.” The widespread appeal of the wholesaler’s Shamballa line is its classic, yet sleek design. The beads (plastic, metal and stone) are hand woven together with each bracelet featuring the traditional macramé manual toggle locking mechanism. “Most people like the look of the stone beads, and prefer at least one or even seven in the design. The toggle allows for one size fits all, in which wearers can adjust the bracelet between seven and nine inches,” the owner says. The available cool and neutral colors such as gray, silver, black and brown make RC Jewels’ Shamballa bracelets an accessory for female and male customers.

Retailers like the bracelets because they are available for as low as $3 and up, but will retail for a profit margin that is three to four times their initial cost. With the addition of RC Jewels’ other 3,000 products to select from, which include rings, dog tags, earrings and more, a $200 minimum is easily met. With an order of $500, buyers can save 5 percent on their order (code: SAVE5) and with a $1,000 purchase, 10 percent can be saved (code: SAVE10). All orders placed in the U.S. can expect free shipping.

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