A LOGICal Smoking Alternative

LOGIC TECHNOLOGY’S disposable electronic cigarette (e-cig) is one of many alternative smoking products causing traditional smokers to rethink their smoking habits and preferred cigarette brand. It is also a leading choice among retailers looking to address both the health and cost concerns of their customers. While the estimated 45.9 million U.S. smokers may view their cigarette lighting as a pleasurable pastime, an act of de-stressing, as well as a form of social interaction, there is the looming harm of toxins such as tar, tobacco, carcinogens, carbon monoxide and formaldehyde to be concerned with. LOGIC, a New Jersey based e-cigarette company, manufactures LOGIC disposable e-cigs as a revolutionary alternative to avoid the 4,000 toxins that are in cigarettes, while replicating the entire sensory experience that smokers enjoy.

Logic Electronic Cigarettes and Cigar Provide a Variety of Smoking Alternatives

A perfected sensory experience can only be mastered by science, and the science behind LOGIC disposable e-cigs is, “Real Cigarette-Sensation Technology.” According to Howard Panes, founder of LOGIC, “Our technology uses six combined pending patents to duplicate the smoking experience without lighting or burning tobacco. It fulfills a smoker’s addictive craving for the nicotine, tobacco flavor, hand-to-mouth motion, inhalation and vapor.” That isn’t all LOGIC e-cigs offer today’s millions of smokers, as it also addresses the growing concern over cost inflation. LOGIC promises more puffs for the money, with each e-cig good for up to 300 puffs (equal to 25 to 30 cigarettes), depending on a smoker’s frequency of smoking. LOGIC e-cigs are available to retailers for $5.95 wholesale per unit, with a required minimum order of one box, containing 24 units. The product is a good investment for store owners, offering a 40 percent gross profit ($4 profit per unit). LOGIC store sales out sell other brands, two to five times, moving 20 to 80 units per week, per store.

LOGIC e-cigs have become quickly accepted as a national brand, available in over 20,000 locations in less than one year. With the help of POP displays and the company’s heavy involvement in retail marketing plans, LOGIC is a brand that markets well not only for industry leaders such as ShopRite Supermarkets, but independent pharmacies, convenience stores and other brick and mortar stores. According to Panes, “We are highly focused on working with retail stores. We do sell online, but our prices are more expensive than the retailers selling our e-cigs, as we do not want to compete with their sales.”

LOGIC e-cigs are offered in two flavors, tobacco and menthol, and are available with four different levels of nicotine, along with high volume vapor and the same quality puff as an actual cigarette. The decision for a complete disposable line instead of a rechargeable line was based on extensive research, which revealed that customers that have purchased rechargeable e-cigs were dissatisfied with them. The reasons were as follows: they leaked nicotine, lost their vapor, needed to be recharged frequently, poor flavor, frequent changing of filters, and most of all a low quality of smoke to fulfill a smoker’s craving. “Failure to deliver a quality smoke in each and every puff has caused smokers to lose faith in electronic cigarettes and to go back to regular cigarettes. Our four lines will convince a smoker otherwise,” emphasizes Panes.

1)      LOGIC Black Label: Offers 1.8 percent nicotine by volume.

2)      LOGIC Gold Label: Offers 1.4 percent nicotine by volume.

3)      LOGIC Sterling: Offers 1.1 percent nicotine by volume.

4)      LOGIC Zero: Offers 0.1 percent nicotine by volume for those social smokers.

Among the company’s latest products is The Cuban electronic cigar. With over a year in development The Cuban was made to look, taste and smell like a real cigar. With 1.8 percent nicotine by volume, it is mild and medium flavored, with rich, thick vapor and a unique sweet tobacco aroma. The Cuban is good for about 1,000 puffs, or seven to ten traditional cigars. Like LOGIC’s disposable e-cigs, The Cuban is a disposable alternative that eliminates the lingering smell, second-hand smoke, ash, and environmental pollution of tobacco cigars. “The company sold out within 10 days of the product’s release,” says Panes. LOGIC’s impact on the smoking community doesn’t stop there, as it also has released the LOGIC 5 Value Pack. The pack holds five disposable e-cigs, pre-packed for a one week’s supply. Panes adds, “We focus on keeping our products at a high level of quality and on introducing the best line to the market.”

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