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Over the past decade, there have been many changes in the jewelry business, some good for the industry and others to its detriment. The Internet has accelerated the transference of information and made products readily available to retailers looking to fill their shelves and displays fast, and with new products. Yet with the price of gold and silver continuing to increase, retailers have been forced to look for new, more cost effective alternatives; high quality costume and fashion jewelry, as well as unique impulse buys, backed by top quality customer service.

Fashion Jewelry Is Cost Effective Alternative for Retailers

Phillips International, parent company of Cool Jewels® Online Wholesale, boasts a 36 year run with many loyal accounts still with them since the beginning, and employees now in their twelfth to eighteenth year of service. “Our scenario isn’t typical anymore. I feel it is best to under promise and always over deliver. That is what has made us successful,” notes Arthur Phillips, president of Phillips International. And while the wholesaler is up to date on the jewelry industry’s modern day trends, it remains traditional in its customer service and business guarantees. “We have a 15 day unconditional money back guarantee. For any reason, our customers are permitted to return their order and get a full refund or exchange,” adds Phillips. With today’s hottest styles, including leather bracelets, rhinestone necklaces, bullet fashion and nature inspired jewelry, retailers won’t be returning merchandise to Phillips International, but ordering more to keep up with customer demand.

The company’s fashion jewelry covers every category, from mood themed, best friends themed, and this year’s top favorite, nature themed. “Anything dealing with or recognizing nature is receiving a lot of attention currently,” Phillips says. And while many retailers are narrowly focused on this year’s feather fashions, Phillips International has a broader selection in the category of nature inspired pieces. “We carry necklaces that display carved animals, stone claws, shark teeth and many that carry the important message, ‘Save the Planet,’” Phillips notes. As people have become aware of their environment and their responsibility to keep it safe and clean, nature themed jewelry has become a way in which to visually celebrate the bond shared between people and the planet. The power of fashion jewelry and the statement it can make is nothing new to Phillips and his employees, as their ‘Bullets for Peace’ wholesale jewelry items were a hit when first introduced, and worn by celebrities on the Red Carpet and at awards shows. Wholesale Bullet necklaces are made with a variety of looks, including stainless steel, copper head and silver finishes.

The best news for retailers interested in acquiring these powerful fashion pieces is that they can be purchased for $0.50 to $2.50 wholesale, retailing for more than keystone, between $2.99 and $10. And while the statements will sell themselves, Cool Jewels® by Phillips International offers multiple POP display options to help in marketing its jewelry. In a previous interview, Marc St. Pierre, director of sales, mentioned, “Display in jewelry is everything,” as the company now offers over 50 instant displays, which typically come free with the purchase. Customers are expected to meet a $200 minimum, but can also expect coupons and closeouts, and if a fan on Facebook, a special offer of the day.

John Chang, president of Import One Trading, emphasizes the importance of selection and the adherence to trends in today’s volatile economy and evolving jewelry industry, saying, “At Import One Trading, retailers will have little trouble finding and purchasing a product they can sell from our expansive selection of 20,000 skus, which includes not only jewelry but other fashion accessories such as handbags, scarves and hats, all of which speak to today’s trends.” Without a doubt, the current trend in the market is nature inspired jewelry, representing Mother Nature through color, materials  and message. And while Import One Trading showcases big, bold and rhinestone laden jewelry on its website, Chang is adamant in emphasizing that this year’s ‘can’t get enough of’ merchandise are fashionable feather inspired pieces. Whether the items resemble feathers or are made with real feathers, it is a must have. “The items featuring feathers are so hot right now that we are looking to feature them on more than jewelry. We are looking to add items like feather handbags and other accessories,” adds Chang.

However, for those customers looking for less ornamental pieces that are still nature inspired, Import One Trading is the one stop shop for retailers catering to today’s fashionistas. Neutral tones have become a favorite when selecting jewelry, but with fall on the way, bold and vibrant colors featured in nature during the autumn months will be the new pallet for jewelry selection. “Neutral tones are always popular,” notes Chang, “but purple and orange colors are expected to be must haves during the fall season.”

Supplying solely to retailers, and primarily independent boutiques and gift shops, Import One Trading requires a $100 minimum to make a purchase on its wholesale site. A majority of the available jewelry can be purchased for less than $10 wholesale and as low as $1.50. The popular feather inspired necklaces are available for $7.50 or $10.50 wholesale. With product updates daily, Import One Trading promises quick response to changing market trends, but impresses retailers most with the potential to make keystone or triple their cost.

Pampered Princess has roots as a trunk based business, but now operates as an online wholesale store. For owner, Sharee Kowalski, her jewelry wholesale business has been two decades in the making. A mother of four, her jewelry business was limited to going out a day or two per week to sell items from the trunk of her car. “I was selling to beauty salons, that’s how I started,” says Kowalski. “The business took off enough to expand. I decided to do a gift show, the Western New York Gift Show here in Rochester, NY.” Soon Kowalski was putting together a showroom, launching a website, and opening a store online, which has quickly become a very big part of the company’s success. Kowalski, however, contributes her success in such a volatile industry to loyalty and quality.

Kowalski remains loyal to those original customers from 20 years ago that made Pampered Princess a possibility, listening and meeting needs, even during the company’s rapid growth.  Customers can count on not only quality service, but also quality items to meet current trends. “What I hear over and over again is that they love my stuff,” she says. “They think it’s different, they think the quality is great, and they do well with it.” Among Pampered Princess’ quality items is a complete line of feather inspired jewelry. “The feathers used for earring, necklace and hair extension designs are cruelty-free feathers that were handpicked based on quality and detail. Each piece is handmade by a local Rochester artisan,” Kowalski adds.

Another unique trend, not nature related, is preference in type of jewelry. “This past year, bracelets have been the hot item at Pampered Princess. Necklaces are always top sellers, but bracelets have become a new favorite,” says Kowalski. Bracelets wholesale for $3 to $9, while necklaces are $4 to $10 wholesale. Retailers can expect to make triple their initial cost. “People are looking for really tiny pieces, while others want big statement pieces. I try to carry a little of everything, to keep everybody happy,” she says. Both Import One Trading and Pampered Princess would agree, its easy to make the customer happy when you have a wide selection and focus on today’s hot trends.

Accessories Palace is no stranger to these successful business tactics. The fashion jewelry and accessory wholesaler boasts 2,500 items in its hair accessory and jewelry categories, including anklets, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings and religious jewelry. With 150 to 200 new arrivals each week, and secure shopping cart functionality hosted by, Accessories Palace’s wholesale site is a convenient one stop shop for a wide array of jewelry supply needs. Indeed, Accessories Palace has just about anything a retailer could want. “Our biggest categories are women’s and teen products, but we also sell high-impulse novelties,” says Craig Weil, president. “Recent statistics show that there are 81 million teenagers in the U.S. driving today’s retail market.” This is why Weil keeps a close eye on teenage and junior market trends, and as other booming wholesalers have found, nature and feather inspired jewelry is in the forefront of today’s fashion. Therefore, when Accessories Palace boasts in its marketing campaigns, “81 million teen shoppers want our merchandise,” the company is telling the truth.

The premium quality fashion jewelry found on Accessories Palace’s wholesale site provides today’s economic-conscious retailer with a good deal. “The items wholesale for $0.50 to $0.60 each, and retail between $1 to $3. This is less than what big box retailers are charging, ensuring better sales and still a decent profit margin,” Weil notes. “The minimum order is only $75, and retailers can mix and match what they need.” Accessories Palace makes a name for itself in the fashion jewelry industry by supplying high impulse items that remain profitable at low retail prices; merchandise that withstands harsh economic conditions.

Sleek Designs Without Fine Jewelry Prices

With fashion jewelry and impulse merchandise taking the jewelry market by storm, traditional lovers and wearers of gold, silver and gemstones might be worried that the sleek styles and designs they once loved have lost their place in the current jewelry market. But Sun Fashion Designs and Teeda both know that with high quality alternatives and strategic pricing, luxurious styles are not forgotten. It is a hard truth for many wholesalers, retailers and consumers that the cost of precious metals is so high. As a result, consumers are looking for alternatives such as high quality, bonded and plated jewelry.

Sun Fashion Designs’ bonding process, utilizing a combination of several different colors of gold, produces a product that radiates and easily passes as a solid gold piece. In fact, manager, Deidre Parker, explains, “A retailer can buy a charm for a manufacturer’s price of $3.00 from us and mark it up dramatically at a $40 price tag, as there is a gap in the market. The only other option is to purchase a real gold charm, perhaps for somewhere around $250 dollars. Consumers, therefore, are more likely to buy our gold and silver plated items.” Using karatbond gold for items such as chains and anti-oxidation baths for silver plated pieces, in combination with brass (no steel or lead), Sun Fashion Designs guarantees a high quality, high detail piece that won’t turn or tarnish.

Precious metal plated pieces aren’t all Sun Fashion Designs has to offer, as many of its pieces deliver high polished looks with medium and larger sized cubic zirconium stones, many times appearing in a micro pave setting style. Among some of Sun Fashion Designs’ top sellers is its 14K Gold Bonded Princess Cut Pendant, for a manufacturer’s price of $4.74, Blue Sapphire Cubic Zirconium Pendant and Earring Set for $12.05, as well as 14K Gold Bonded 2 Heart Pendant with Stones for $4.79. Parker mentions, “The items are very inexpensive, and when the stones are cut and displayed, they are easily passable as real. For instance, the Princess Cut Pendant, I’ve had many customers come back and ask if they have received a real diamond. High polish has become an important criteria. People want sleek and beautiful, but for a lower cost.”

When ordering, Parker advises that although there is no minimum order, wholesalers and independent retailers looking to purchase merchandise should take into consideration shipping costs. “Why order a few items time and time again, only to pay continual and unnecessary shipping costs?” she asks. Also, for retailers looking for an even more economical purchase, Sun Fashion Designs offers pieces with reduced precious metal bonding or plating, allowing for a reduction in price. For instance, you can purchase an eight inch, karatbond gold chain for $4.00 manufacturer’s price, or a product with less gold for $11 a dozen.

AJT Trading, dba Teeda, is a sterling silver jewelry wholesaler that is family owned and operated. And while precious metal prices are on the rise, Teeda continues to service over 15,000 customers, including small retailers, kiosks and swap meets in 40 countries. “The reason for this is because we try to be the last to raise prices and the first to lower prices in this volatile market,” notes Jack Tejavanija, manager. Once under $3 an ounce, sterling silver is now $40 an ounce, but by cutting the middleman or salesman out and selling jewelry online, Teeda is able to maintain lower pricing. Because the company does so much volume internationally, it is able to pass the savings on to customers.

That’s not all Teeda passes on to customers, as the wholesaler makes a strong effort to have the latest trendy items in its catalog and online at all times. “We have thousands of styles,” Tejavanija says, “but we’ve tried to build sales around our staple items like CZ stud earrings, toe rings and more.” A pair of 6mm square cubic zirconium stud earrings wholesales for only $2.37. “We know our retailers can get triple or even five times for that,” Tejavanija says. “It’s not unreasonable to think they’d sell for $10 a pair.” Add to that the fact that the company will ship same-day orders if they arrive by 12 PM PST, and you’ve got a formula for success.

Retailers are requested to fulfill a $100 minimum order, as anything below the $100 minimum receives a $10 shipping surcharge. Retailers are invited to view Teeda’s huge online selection at “Every week, each customer is ordering a thousand pairs of earrings and other merchandise,” adds Tejavanija. “For those retailers reading this article who are interested in placing an order with Teeda, enter “IRetailer” online to receive a 5 percent discount off your order. The promotion will expire Dec. 31, 2011.”

The jewelry business isn’t the same as it was 10 years ago, and independently owned jewelry store owners, as well as wholesalers supplying to them, need to respond quickly. The equation for success involves a wide selection of merchandise, quality customer service, and the ability to keep up with and supply today’s hottest trends at the best price possible, as exemplified by the above wholesalers. Whether they have decades in the business or a few short years, this equation ensures a successful future in the jewelry industry.

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