Names for Profits

Perhaps it is vanity that drives people to accessorize with personalized items and advertise to the world, “This is me.” However, to kids, who take pleasure in a toy, pen or key chain displaying their names, it’s not about advertising to the world, but rather feeling recognized as part of it. Whatever the reason, personalized impulse items are a product favorite among a variety of retailers, including dollar, souvenir, gift and drug stores. And as a leader in personalized novelty and souvenir products, The Name People have successfully implemented many low cost impulse priced programs across the U.S. and Canada, for more than 35 years. “We provide the largest variety of name programs to capture larger volume sales per ring at the register,” says Joe Pirruccello, general manager. “Wholesaling around $0.55 to $1 and retailing for more than keystone at $1.99 has made our business and products recession proof, generating multiple sales and allowing for an average five to eight rings at the register at one time.”

Personalized Impulse Buys

Among The Name People’s personalized product lines are long time favorites including: pens, lanyard key chains, and novelty magnets. The company’s newest offers are also creating a sensation at the cash register, proving that personalized name products are the number one impulse purchase in the retail industry. Holiday ornaments, now in their second year, are offered with a display of 880 pieces, which includes five each of the best selling names and general sayings, and three each of less frequent names. Each ornament is calculated at a wholesale price of $1.10. “The display also includes blanks to fill in names that are not available. This is easily done with any fine-tipped permanent marker,” notes Pirruccello. Adding to the ornament’s salability is its glass-like appearance and shatter-proof promise. Made of foam, each ornament is wrapped in a high-quality, high-gloss wrap, with a final high-quality clear coat, making it appear like glass, but ensuring that it is child and pet friendly.

Another impulse product new to The Name People’s line is double LED key lights. The light-up key chains come in six colors: hot pink, purple, hot blue, royal blue, fire engine red and forest green. A display is offered for better in-store marketing, holding 693 pieces which include three each of 231 names and general sayings, and wholesaling for $1 apiece. The impulse product supplier has a knack for bringing successful personalized programs to retailers on a consistent basis, but believes it is more than continuous research of name data that makes it an industry leader. “Our customers are looking for a guarantee, and want to feel safe in an instable economy. We offer a 40 percent return of ornaments after the holiday season for those items that didn’t sell. We also offer a 60 day trial for any of our products,” says Pirruccello. “If our customers aren’t happy with it, we pay to have the product returned and provide a full refund.” With a low wholesale cost, high retail margins and purchase guarantees, The Name People continue to thrive after 35 years in business.

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