Opportunity Buys Acquires Trippies

While the economy’s slow in recovery continues to plague retailers and wholesalers. Opportunity Buys, Inc., has proven to be an exception to the rule. The young company, with only 17 years in the general merchandise wholesale business, has gained recognition and sales because of its experienced staff, merchandise selection, and smart business choices, including the strategic decision to expand its role and reach in the wholesale industry. Opportunity Buys, took on the roles of importer and designer of goods, in addition to being a supplier, but more importantly, ensured a broader reach with the acquisition of giftware supplier, Trippies. Acquiring the 35 year-old company and its well known product lines gave Opportunity Buys the right to boast on its website, “We can supply your business with a large variety of general merchandise. In this ever changing and challenging economy, our staff has found ways to keep our customers successful and give them access to the best products on the market.”

Wholesaler’s Acquisition Expands Product Lines and Customer Base

Trippies’ polyresin giftware and Opportunity Buys’ large variety of general merchandise were a perfect complement to one another, and true to its name, Opportunity Buys now offers the best opportunity and products for retailers to make the sales they need in some of the toughest times. “The company benefited from the expanded customer base, and the customers benefited from the expanded product lines,” says Tim Chocklett, president of Opportunity Buys. While there used to be a minimum order, Chocklett mentions there is no longer a need for one, as the average order is now over $500 because there is so much to pick from. “Customers can mix and match their order, selecting from our many merchandise categories. They also benefit from placing a large order, as the larger the order the lower the freight they’ll have to pay,” he notes.

While the company has been abuzz since the acquisition in February, and many customers are already benefiting, late summer and early fall are going to be the most exciting, says Chocklett. “It has taken several months to get everything organized. I spent the whole month of April in China talking to manufacturers,” he adds. Opportunity Buys is just receiving the complete inventory in stock, and a catalog is now available. Chocklett invites retailers to visit the company website to see the new offers, saying, “View these great items now and order today. They are moving quickly and won’t last long.”

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