Scented SmellyBandz

The past year saw an overwhelming demand for an item best known as silly bandz. These rubber bands made of silicone rubber and formed in the shapes of animals and objects had wholesalers selling and retailers ordering by the truckload. Silicone bracelets had their real start with Lance Armstrong’s fundraising, Livestrong bracelets, and from there, silicone styles have come and gone. However, the product lives on because there is always a new one to replace the last one. Two months ago, the craze continued with the introduction of SmellyBandz, a line of scented silicone wristbands patented by sister team, Claudia Johnson and Brenda Zorkin. These seven inch, one-size-fits-all bands are a smelly sensation, with featured fragrances including grape, cherry, chocolate, bubblegum, strawberry and orange. “There is nothing out there like this product, and the quality level and patented design ensure SmellyBandz are here to stay,” says Zorkin.

Smell Is the New Silicone Sensation

While limited in shape, SmellyBandz are plentiful in color and associated scents. “We decided to keep the bands circular and thicker in design, compared to traditional silly bandz, making them more durable and long lasting,” notes Zorkin. Each band, however, depicts a small illustration indicative of the type of fragrance, as well as a SmellyBandz logo. The company is just starting to offer specialty themed items, such as its current sports line, featuring a scented basketball (lemon) and baseball (coconut) band. “We’ll be offering Halloween and Christmas lines soon, featuring holiday colors, scents and more,” adds Zorkin. With a 200 quantity minimum (four fragrances in packs of 50), retailers can purchase each SmellyBandz wristband for $1.89 wholesale, and retail for $3.99, making keystone and more.

Each fragrance is packaged in quantities of 50. “While a combination of fragrances is appealing, we try to keep them separated during time of purchase,” says Zorkin. Individual packages come with a scratch and sniff sticker, in order to sample fragrances. Floor displays and POP counter displays are also available for further in-store marketing. “Our bands are a perfect impulse buy, and as featured on Good Day New York, they are a top back to school item for the 2011-2012 school year,” Zorkin adds. Retailers looking for product photos, testimonials and how to become a retailer should visit the product website at Retailers who reference this article are guaranteed a five percent discount on their order.

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