Strategic Web Marketing

The name of the game is always changing in the world of web marketing, as new competitors enter the ecommerce market and search engine algorithms become more advanced, personalized and localized. There are many consultants who offer their professional services to improve an organization’s online presence, but web marketing involves more than banner ads and keyword copywriting, and without a strategy it is usually ineffective. This is where a full service online marketing company such as OMguru can help. The first step to profitable web marketing is to outline the goals and budget for the marketing plan. “At OMguru, we then work backwards to see what mix of services align best to achieve the desired goal in a given frame of time, with the allotted budget,” says Rasna Bedi, OMguru’s certified Internet marketing consultant.

Retailers Can Invest in Better eCommerce

Some of the services available to B2B or B2C companies selling products online include:

1) Help in developing a state of the art ecommerce website that is user friendly and has one page checkout, as well as an easy-to-use admin or back end for data import or export (also includes mobile ecommerce).

2) Automated email marketing (e.g., If someone buys an engagement ring, then two weeks later they automatically receive an email to buy a wedding band).

3) Search engine optimization (SEO) of the keywords that are specific to the nature of the business.

4) Content creation for regular posting of blogs, newsletters and the website. This form of social media marketing (SMM) also includes video optimization for keywords, Facebook campaigns, and publishing press releases.

5) Online marketing consultation to map web marketing strategy. Once a month is recommended (for smaller organizations, once every quarter). Consultation is also available for special campaigns and the launch of new products.

6) Web analytics reporting that will help in determining whether goals are being met, and allow for preventative tweaking of the marketing campaign if necessary.

7) Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign tutorials for new companies that are waiting for their SEO efforts to take effect.

OMguru indicates that goals can only be achieved with teamwork, involving both consultant and client. “We outline the responsibilities of the client. When all our recommendations are honored, we usually exceed our client’s expectations,” notes Bedi. Among some of the client responsibilities are the provision of topics for blogs, newsletters and campaigns, updating inventory, and following up with customer requests on social media sites. Aware that every company has different requirements, goals and budgets, OMguru’s online marketing packages greatly vary in price, starting at $2,500 and available up to $50,000 plus, depending on how aggressively the company wants to increase their online sales and brand awareness. For instance, the popular ecommerce and mobile ecommerce website package starts at $10,000, and goes up to $100,000 plus, depending on the amount of customization. And while a budget may determine the package in which you invest, OMguru also offers specials that provide personal benefits and have the potential to change any online marketing strategy.

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