Affordable Greeting Cards for All Life’s Moments

Birthday Greeting CardEvery stage in life may be unpredictable, filled with different responsibilities and new people, but there is one thing that can be counted on, there is a greeting card to mark the occassion. John Fenwick, co-owner of Stockwell Greetings, agrees, saying, “There are cards to celebrate or recognize almost every important moment in life. People give cards for birthdays, graduation, engagement, anniversaries, retirement and more.” This never seemed more true than during the recent recession, as the sale of cheer and encouragement cards increased. ”It has been a hard time for a lot of people and cards are a thoughtful sentiment during those happy, unexpected, and sometimes difficult times in life,” adds Fenwick. And for a low cost, Stockwell Greetings provides retailers with every category of card to meet all customer needs for all life’s moments.

Greeting Cards: A Necessity for Every Retail Gift Section

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Wholesaling for $0.18 per card, retailers can charge anywhere between $2.50 and $4 per unit, making a profit while still providing an affordable product for customers on a tight budget. “All greeting cards, but particularly our greeting cards, are recession proof. Not everyone can afford a gift, but at these prices everyone will be able to afford a card,” notes Fenwick. And with no minimum order, as well as POP displays as compact as a 12 pocket counter spinner, retailers can start small to test the market. “We encourage buyers to start slow and build up their greeting card section. They can easily invest in any of our displays with no contract, adding on as they go,” says Fenwick. In fact, the wholesaler offers a whole range of card displays and fixtures, from cardboard displays to a 44 foot wooden showcase or even a smaller fixture with the ability to add on as a retailer’s gift section grows.

Sample sets and package deals are also available for those retailers feeling out the market.  The sample set includes 25 greeting cards with 25 envelopes, which are perfect to review, keep on hand or sell. The package deals include anywhere from 100 to 20 category-specific cards. A popular selection is the Birthday Bonanza collection, in which retailers receive 100 designs, and 1 six pack per design (600 greeting cards and 600 envelopes). According to the company website, “This is a birthday blockbuster money maker and a big favorite. With this one affordable order you get 100 different designs of our best selling, most requested birthday general greeting cards. This incredible variety pack includes a full and complete range of styles, featuring strong, vivid designs printed in Chicago on bright, premium paper. Beautiful birthday cards, beautiful profit margins, order this deal now and turn your greeting card department into a cash cow!” Fenwick admits that birthday cards remain the top selling category for greeting cards. “Everyone has a birthday,” he says.  Yet retailers are advised to look out for other cash cow opportunities and not to miss out on trends like the increasingly popular musical greeting card or new holiday favorites, like Halloween cards.

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