Newest Home Fragrance with Eco-friendly Feel

Crystal PotpourriAs aromatherapy becomes popularly accepted in the treatment of pain and stress, interest has increased in fragrance products that bring that aromatic therapy home. Crystal potpourri, the newest trend in home fragrance, is a natural, hypo-allergenic, flameless and aesthetically pleasing solution to a better smelling environment. First invented in 1998 and sold to the public in “Dollywood,” Tennessee’s well-known country inspired theme park, Planet Naturals’ crystal potpourri quickly became a national and international sensation with marketability in both the high-end and general merchandise trade. Co-founder, Joel Patterson, mentions, “Planet Naturals has become strictly wholesale. We’ve introduced our product to a broad category of retailers, as well as have customized fragrances and packages for special clients. For instance, our crystals have found a home in some of the top suites of the Bellagio hotel and casino. They’ve also been sold at Barney’s retail locations, where they are popular for their fragrance, color and designer packaging.”

High Quality Crystal Potpourri Without the Cost

Independent and discount retailers, however, will also find a marketplace for Planet Naturals’ crystal potpourri, which promises class without the cost. “We just released a new line for boutiques, gift shops and other independent retailers carrying home fragrances. The line includes six of our best selling crystals with distinct fragrances for every preference,” notes Patterson. The product packaging functions as a gift box, displaying a crystal-filled PET jar, which holds 18 ounces of the chunky sea salt already pre-oiled with fragrance. Attached to the jar is another half ounce of the fragrance oil. “This is a package deal that offers a nine month fragrance lifetime,” says Patterson. “However, retailers can expect repeat customers and multiple purchases, as customers frequently return to purchase more bottles of fragrance oil for refills or to test new scents.” Among some of the most popular are the Earth, Wind and Fire collection. The first is a patchouli mixture with earthy undertones. “Green Tea is another popular fragrance at this time. The crystals have a greenish brown hue and the scent is crisp and lemony,” adds Patterson.

A 100 percent markup can be expected on all products. “The boxed sets wholesale around $10 apiece, and should be retailing for $19.95 to $24.95. The oils sold separately are $3.00 and retail for $6.99,” says Patterson. A minimum order of all six gift sets is around $360. And although still a relatively new category in the home fragrance market, retailers need not fear because crystal potpourri has quickly become an ideal substitute for scented candles, diffusers and botanical potpourris. “The concentration of oil in a candle is 3 or 4 percent, while our crystals have 20 to 30 percent,” notes Patterson. These crystals also provide longer lasting fragrance, from 30 to 60 days longer, than the competition. “This is possible by our proprietary aging process, distinguished coloring methods, and our commitment to using only the finest quality, all natural raw materials available,” Patterson adds. For these reasons, kids, men and women have all become avid users of Planet Naturals’ crystal potpourri product.

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