Back to Basics with ABC Hosiery

As ABC Hosiery’s website states, “Operating a hosiery business is not easy,” but after nearly 30 years in the wholesale hosiery industry, Tony Grady still loves the business and takes pleasure in providing high quality products and one-on-one customer service. “Even in a sluggish economy everyone still needs the basics, and that includes socks and underwear. For that reason we continue to make sales,” says Grady, president of ABC Hosiery. It was five years ago that Grady merged his company, Grady Distributions, with ABC Hosiery, and now, the company both distributes and manufactures socks, underwear, T-shirts and ladies pantyhose, supplying to independent retailers and small to mid size wholesalers.

Hosiery Basics and Best Sellers

ABC Hosiery manufactures Made in the USA products, but also offers GILDAN brand socks, providing retailers with a well known quality sock. “We are also the distributor and owner of Red Rose Hosiery,” adds Grady. Red Rose products supplement all pantyhose needs, from sheer, control top, thigh high to knee high. And while pantyhose have become more of a regional necessity, notes Grady, “it’s the men’s’ athletic socks that are our best sellers. Once upon a time casual socks were not a hot item for all businessmen dressing up for work, but today our business model has become so casual that athletic sock sales have hit the charts.”

Whatever the products of choice, retailers can expect to make at least keystone. And when it comes to wholesale cost, Grady says, “We won’t be undersold. I could sell kids socks under $3 a dozen all day, and some ladies’ socks go for $2 a dozen. Our prices accommodate dollar stores and other higher priced independent retailers.” There are no price minimums, but buyers should expect to purchase by the case (15 dozen). ABC Hosiery offers other special features such as promotional items and cardboard shipper displays, which come free with certain product orders. There is also an online section strictly devoted to closeouts. “Constant deals can be found in our closeouts section, and they change monthly so retailers should check back frequently,” Grady says.

For Tony Grady it’s more than a sock and underwear business, it’s a passion. “I tell customers if they are having trouble selling anything to call me. I’ll find a price that works for them. I’ll give them a credit and have them try something new. I want to help them find what will work in their store,” he says.

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