Beer Pong On Roll

As beer pong blogger and aficionado, Jeff Barnes, explains best, “To the casual observer, beer pong is nothing more than a college drinking game. You throw table tennis balls into plastic cups, drink beer and repeat the process.” However, over the years beer pong has become more than an expected party game at the frat house on a Saturday night, and is now an internationally recognized sport with official rules, a community of players and serious prize money. The World Series of Beer Pong (WSOP) is the largest, longest running beer pong tournament in the world, and the 2010 event drew over 1,000 participants from 45 U.S. states and five Canadian provinces, offering the largest payout in beer pong history, a value of $65,000. The growing acceptance of beer pong and the new relaxed outlook of once conservative retailers have increased beer pong’s marketability. Mike Student, national sales director of and its, “Get Bombed,” beer pong line, notes, “Beer pong is being promoted on TV now, and there are world tournaments. People now realize they can play in a safe manner, it’s about the competition of the sport, not just about drinking.”

Beer Pong Products for Pros and Retailers

The market appeal of GetPong’s beer pong lines, however, is the growing numbers of beer pong enthusiasts. “The Get Bombed line is more of an “in your face” beer pong product line, while the BP Pro line is for the more conservative mindset. In fact, BP Pro offers up no reference to a drinking game, and includes a disclaimer that the products are not intended to be used with alcoholic beverages,” says Student. Both lines have seen success in the market. The Ulitmate Bombed Kit is one of the top selling skus in the Get Bombed line, and includes 22 cups, three balls, two racks, and the official rules. From the BP Pro line, the Pong Reload 22, which supplies 20 cups, two balls and a self display case, seems to be popular on merchants’ shelves. “All items wholesale for about 50 percent of their suggested retail prices. Take for instance the Bombed Pro Pack, which retails for $9.99 per unit. Retailers can purchase a case of four units for $20, making each unit worth $5 wholesale. The price also includes shipping,” says Student.

The company launched its first beer pong product six years ago, to be sold in Spencer gift stores, and over the past couple years has targeted the convenience store market. Now, GetPong is looking to supply to independent shops such as smoke shops, party stores, specialty gift shops and more. “Retailers can expect to make keystone. There are no real minimums, as we sell by the case and our largest case includes six units. Also, with a purchase of $100 or more, retailers can expect free shipping,” Student explains. Simply stated, it is easy to become a retailer for the growing beer pong market, joining a community of thousands. As Barnes blogs, “Once you get hooked, there’s no turning back. While the trophies, prizes and bragging rights are what attract us, at the end of the day it’s the community and friends we make that keep us coming back,” and picking up more beer pong supplies at your store.

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