ThermaFreeze Pads

The days of last minute ice runs are over, not to mention the strategic packing of clunky ice packs and the airing out of damp coolers, thanks to the new ThermaFreeze pads, a product for commercial and now consumer use. ThermaFreeze pads are capable of cooling anything from payloads to lunch pails, and will give your customers the flexibility they need, wrapping around bottles and boxes and providing more room for better packing options. “The ability to demonstrate the product is what really reels in the customer and gives independent retailers the upper hand. Our thought is if big box retailers like Walmart and even Costco can put on demonstrations, so can independent retailers who are used to giving one on one attention to customers,” says Richard Bolton, ThermaFreeze managing partner. “With the use of a demonstration video or personal demonstration, customers will be impressed with the three step process to easier and more convenient cooling.” Retailers will be impressed by profit margins of keystone or more, as well as the turnover due to impulse buy pricing.

A Product with Flexibility and Marketability

The company provides an informational website at, as well as a vendor and retailer site at, where information, instructions and demonstration suggestions can be accessed for better marketability. With the order of a starter kit for $249.99, retailers receive 50 polybags, 50 insert sheets, two sales and marketing DVDs, and 200 large sheets of product that can be cut up and sold in any ThermaFreeze pad configuration. Common configurations are small (3×2), medium (4×3) and large (6×4) sheets, or small (1×6) and large (3×8) wraps. ThermaFreeze pads are manufactured dry and constructed with a plastic film on one side, and a non-woven fabric on the reverse. Each cell or pad contains a biodegradable, non-toxic, crystallized polymer compound that absorbs water on contact, and holds the water in a gel-like state. Hydration takes only seconds per pad, and is done by soaking or spraying the cloth side of the pad with water. After two hours in the freezer, the pad is ready for use. “When used in a cooler the product provides more hours of cooling power than ice, gel packs, or ice bricks, and can be refrozen and reused many times,” notes Bolton.

While ThermaFreeze is typically used for cooling cargo and personal coolers, the pads of lightweight gel formed after hydrating can also be used as a hot pad, after 20 to 30 seconds in the microwave. For customers with aches and pains, ThermaFreeze pads can be used for soothing hot and cold therapy. “The uses of ThermaFreeze pads are endless. They take up less room in your freezer, keep perishable items fresh, and sooth bodily aches,” says Bolton. “After one demonstration, customers will want to purchase the product and try it themselves.”

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