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Fixtures and DisplaysAs emphasizes on its homepage, “The environment, décor, layout and mood of a retail store means everything to shoppers. When a person walks into your store, he or she makes instantaneous decisions about the feel of the space and whether they feel comfortable enough to spend time there.” As with any tool, a retail display is only a means to an end, and in the hands of a skilled user any retail display or fixture can be used creatively to produce remarkable and profitable results. When an individual feels inspired by the atmosphere of a store, they’re more likely to interact within the space, and make a purchase. Current retail displays have evolved into a variety of styles and forms to equip the common needs of today’s retailer. Now, all that any brick and mortar store, whether a hospital gift shop, book shop or clothing store, needs to concern itself with is a display’s longevity, functionality, assembly and practicality. Designing a display concept, which ties the feel of a store to the merchandise being sold is the key to effective marketing, and something has strived to help retailers achieve since its start well over a year ago.

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Designing a Display Concept

With the launch of the site July, independent retailers can now access thousands of store fixtures and display products customizable to their store type. “We carry about 80 percent of the display products needed to open a store,” notes TJ Arrabito, sales manager. “Our most popular lines are garment racks and slatwall, but we also offer other display types such as shelving units and mannequins, as well as consumables like hangars, body forms and hardware.” Display tables are the most basic and universal form of display, drawing attention from shoppers.  Tables are customer-friendly, inviting shoppers to touch and feel the merchandise, which more often results in a sale.

Stores looking to create a traditional, upscale environment may opt for wooden display tables, accented by dress forms for a boutique feel.  Modern retailers can go in a different direction by choosing acrylic display tables with rounded edges. Tables made from modern materials will pair well with other modern-style display items, such as brightly-colored mannequins. “Slatwalls are a popular option because they help showcase product and maximize space.  We also make coordinated floor and wall display collections, giving the store a put together feel,” adds Arrabito. There are endless options for store owners to create the most effective settings to pique consumer interest and increase sales.

Just as there is a large selection of product to be found on, the materials used are also diverse, and include acrylics, wire, polyurethane and Paper Mache. Pricing is competitive and affordable, and with no minimum orders, processing or repackaging fees, retailers can be assured smooth customer service. As the website lists, two important features distinguish from other online store fixture and display websites:

1) We have contracted with our manufacturers to bring live inventory information so that you know what you need is available now.

2)We have leveraged our volume in multiple industries with well-known freight carriers to bring you the lowest rates available anywhere.  Not only will you see options for small package carriers, but you will also see freight rates from truck lines when your order is too large for small package carriers.  The freight savings will be enormous.

Arrabito adds, “Future customer friendly features include a possible information store planning page, which will provide retailers with unique and alluring ways to setup their store.” Until then, retailers can browse and brainstorm at

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