Aussie Backpack

The number of people traveling with their pets is growing, and so too are the destinations and activities that consider Fido and family as one, from roughing it at campgrounds to first class flying, and fabulous four star hotels. Traveling with dogs, however, can offer some challenges, but nearly can be surmounted with common sense, creativity and a little help from ABO Gear, a supplier of eco-sustainable pet products for daily use and travel. Launched in 1996, ABO Gear has introduced useful and environmentally friendly products for campgrounds and beach life. In 2005, the company tested its success in the pet market, “and now it is the biggest and most exciting market we are involved in,” says Julian Morton, founder. “We’ve found our niche, and our motto is, ‘good for the dog, good for the planet and good for the wallet.’”

Rugged and Natural Pet Product for Traveling Dogs

Morton likes to describe ABO Gear’s product lines as rugged, laid back and natural. “We aren’t over designed,” he says. “Take for instance our travel bowl, which retails for $4.99 and is made from repurposed recyclable material. It serves a purpose and is good for the environment.” Dog toys and kibble bags are just some of the products that would do well in independent pet stores, outdoor retail shops, gift stores, boutiques and more. “We are looking to work primarily with independents,” says Morton. “Our products are unique and well priced.”

One of the newest product additions independents and their customers can look forward to is the Aussie Backpack, which acts as a harness and carrying case in one. This new twist on a doggie backpack is for both country and city travel. Made from a cotton mesh, the harness keeps the dog from sweating and chaffing, unlike the polyester and nylon products most commonly found in stores. The metal D ring allows for a leash to be attached, and the pack’s underbelly reduces strain on the dog’s neck. The product comes in four sizes, for dogs under 20 lbs to 80 lbs and up. “Medium and large are by far our most popular sizes,” notes Morton. “We wanted to do something rugged, and the side pockets store food, water and gear.” Best of all, no matter the activity, customers can be assured that the pack is easily adjustable and supported by good hardware, and a little dirt is no big deal, as the pack is washable.

For the most popular sizes (medium and large) the Aussie Backpack wholesales for $15 and $20. Retailers can expect to make keystone or more if they operate in more affluent areas. There are no minimums, but new accounts are offered a deal of buy ten, get two free. Free shipping is also provided on orders over $150. “Our retailers can also expect signage and a bamboo rack display, complementary to our product line, to help in marketing the products within their stores.”

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