Battery Free Groom Mates

The desire to be clean, energetic and healthy is common to everyone, and personal care and hygiene is part of our daily routine. Among our personal maintenance rituals is ear and nose hair trimming. While not a highly advertised activity, consumers are looking for a product to help with their pesky stray hairs. Groom Mate Global, a New Zealand based wholesaler with a U.S. distributorship, supplies an eco-friendly, battery-free nose and ear hair trimmer called, Groom Mates, to beauty salons, pharmacies, and many online retailers catering to these consumers.

Battery-free Trimmer Hot Health and Beauty Wholesale Item

A typical method for removing unwanted hairs is the ever popular battery operated nose hair trimmer. “Yet most nose hair trimmers will be pushing up daisies in the local landfill,” emphasizes the company’s website. “Groom Mates are built to work properly and last a very long time. Once you buy one, you may never need to buy another nose hair trimmer again.” Groom Mates work without batteries and feature sharp, safe rotary blades that provide gentle trimming. The user controls the speed of the rotary blades by rotating the bottom cylinder of the trimmer.

Groom Mate Global offers a complete line of weaponry for pesky hair, including the Precision Wing, Lady Groom Mate, and Platinum XL. The Platinum XL is one of the best selling Groom Mates, made from stainless steel that will not rust. “Another added bonus is that cleaning the Platinum XL is easy. Simply rinse out the cutting head with water or brush away the hairs,” explains Mark Bellm, sales director. In 2008, the Platinum XL was’s best selling personal care product, outselling over 1.5 million other products in the same category during the holiday season. The trimmer has even received a mention in a CNBC news clip.

Wholesale prices vary, with quantity also affecting the price. The suggested retail is $19.95, and retailers are only required to order a minimum of 12 trimmers, with a selection of three different merchandising displays available. “Groom Mate Global also offers a 90 day trial offer. Try Groom Mates in your store for 90 days, and if you are dissatisfied for any reason, simply return the unsold merchandise and we will refund your purchase price,” says Bellm. “This is a completely risk free opportunity to test the Groom Mates brand.”

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