Connecting to Sell

Although the holiday planning phase has moved well into the holiday selling phase, retailers are still looking for different ways to reach consumers and drive last minute sales. While store owners typically look to appeal to traditional holiday emotions such as family, community and giving, Motista, a marketing survey organization, has released data from an ongoing retail study that details the true motivating factors behind a consumer’s purchasing decisions. Business Wire reports, “Key findings in the survey illustrate that building deeper connections with consumers (beyond the traditional holiday emotions) can help drive higher levels of purchase intent, response rates, online engagement and advocacy.” A connected customer is a happy, and inspired customer.

Customers Care About Valid Connections and Easy Communication

Are your customers thinking: my retailer simplifies my life, and helps me live my life the way I want? According to Motista, only 18 percent of consumers indicated an emotional connection to the retailers they frequent, with only 24 percent showing loyalty when it comes to making their next relevant purchase with these retailers. While higher levels of purchase intent are always a goal for retailers, connected customers can also help new sales, along with repeat sales. As Business Wire reports, “When consumers feel a connection with their retail brand, they are 50 percent more likely to advocate for the brand and recommend the retailer to others.”

The study also reveals that one way to better connect with customers is to become aware of the fact that men and women shop differently. For instance:

1) Retail is personal for men. Retail is about enhancing one’s identity and sense of self in the eyes of a man. Fifty percent are more likely to feel their preferred retailer makes them a more valuable person, and 53 percent of men are more likely to feel that people will see them differently because they shop at a particular retailer.

2) Retail is about fun and style for women. It’s all about trends, as well as fun and style for women when making a purchasing decision. Women are more likely (18 percent) to connect with a retailer they consider to follow this criteria.

This piece was adapted from an original story in Business Wire.