D-FLY III Helicopter

Adults like their toys too, and while operating Emirimage’s remote controlled helicopters, boats, and cars requires a level of maturity, these RC toys will give your customers that youthful feeling. For Emirimage Corporation, keeping up with the latest trends in the RC toy industry means staying on top of technology advances and meeting quality standards. “The interactive characteristic of our toys is important,” notes Emirimage president, Eduardo Perl. Retailers and their end customers are looking to buy cars, boats, and in the past few years, helicopters that can perform different types of tricks and stunts, using technology that didn’t previously exist. Perl says, “Our best sellers are those with gyroscopic features and video cameras, as well as those with the capability to shoot fake missiles at a target.” Emirimage’s legwork, to find the latest innovations at tradeshows and exhibitions, results in the addition of a new product every month between April and August. “We already have 35 new items for our 2011 to 2012 selling season,” says Perl.

Remote Controlled Rocket Helicopter

The newest addition to the line is the D-FLY III Alloy Rocket Helicopter (Item No. TOU12741), a large size remote control helicopter, about 20 inches long, with sound effects and new special LED lights with flashing rockets at both sides. It has double speed and no spring button control, allowing the helicopter to stay alone in the air. D-FLY III is the latest RC helicopter in its category on the market. The D-FLY III comes in two colors assorted, blue and red, and is easy to fly and very stable. “This one is a hot seller retailers can’t afford to miss out on,” emphasizes Perl.

Emirimage offers a wide variety of items, available at wholesale prices that cover a broad spectrum, ranging from $8 to $100. Perl reports that many of his buyers are successful in obtaining a 300 percent markup. There is no fixed dollar minimum order, but buyers must order by the box, which either contains 12 or 24 pieces. “We recommend they order a certain amount, but this is because we recommend a certain kind of assortment to have a good customer response,” says Perl. “Usually a retailer opens with no less than five to ten boxes of different styles, and then orders weekly during the year, maybe five, six, seven boxes on average.”

While technology attracts novice flyers and pro hobbyists, Perl emphasizes that Emirimage’s focus on quality keeps customers coming back for more. “We have very high standards,” he says. “We use our own trademarks and copyrights, design our own packaging, and all the inner components are of the best quality.” Unlike its competitors, Emirimage follows all consumer protection agency rules, as well as ASTM and other regulations.

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