EyeCandy Family Decal

EyeCandy Decals, based in South Carolina, has been producing die-cut decals for several years and selling wholesale for the past three. The most popular items have been stick figure representations of families, which buyers place on the back window of their automobiles. “We have hundreds of designs,” says Rob Langs, owner of EyeCandy Decals. “We have our original family, which is what you usually see on cars, but we also have pirate and vacationing families, as well as athletes like football and basketball players, and all kinds of occupations. People really like to buy different decals representing each family member and put them on the car.”

Decals to Represent the Whole Family

While the wholesaler has primarily sold in the Southern U.S., this year the company has expanded its efforts around the country, focusing on new areas such as California and the Northeast. The three initial designs (the original family, vacationing family, and pirate family decals) continue to sell extremely well, but EyeCandy consistently adds new designs to their line of decals, making sure everybody and their families are represented. If customers request a particular design, the decal can be produced to meet demand. New products range from snowboarders to martial artists, guitarists to dental hygienists, as well as regular updates to the original lines.

Eye Candy decals are perfect for gift shops, boutiques, card shops, souvenir shops and car washes, and are all made in the U.S. The decals usually wholesale for an average of $1.55, and EyeCandy suggests a retail price of $3.99 to $4.99, for a markup of around 200 percent. “Since customers are buying to represent their entire family, they usually purchase five to seven at a time,” notes Langs. The minimum opening order is $100, while subsequent minimum orders are $50. The products sell well because of word of mouth, and EyeCandy continues to grow the business. “It’s a great product and everybody has loved them,” Langs says. “When one person sees them on the car, they ask other people where they got them and track down where they are sold.”

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