Foldable Sandals

While there is some debate on how many shoes a woman should own, with some footwear fanatics claiming to have close to 40 pairs, it is safe to say that most women’s closets hold over 10 pairs of shoes. It’s all about choice, but when it comes to traveling, an additional bag always seems to make the pile, filled with shoes for casual and formal wear and everything in between. However, D.M. Merchandising, an innovator and wholesaler in gift and impulse seasonal merchandise, has a great addition for any footwear collection that won’t hinder style, while providing more flexibility on the go.

Shoes for Easier Travel

It was in late 2010 that the company launched its line of foldable ballet flats, the number one reordered item in D.M. Merchandising’s catalog. Foldable sandals shortly followed in April, and have since become the number one ordered item. Collapsible and easily stored in a complementary zipper pouch, the foldable sandals can be stored away or packed for any trip, without taking up too much space. They come with a full rubber sole, a slight heel, a nice soft top, and a leather sandal strap. Both the ballet flats and the sandals are durable, with solid soles that can withstand months of frequent wear. “The sandals are currently available in black, pink, gold and silver, but the flats have the additional option of zebra, leopard or snake prints. Both lines will be receiving an additional patent leather style by the end of the year,” says Richard Freeman, director of sales.

D.M. Merchandising specializes in merchandise under $10 wholesale. “Most of our merchandise costs $0.90, with a high profit margin. Many times retailers can get $5 for these items,” notes Freeman. The sandals wholesale for $2.90, retail for $19.95, and come with a free display. There is an option for a 48 or 96 piece floor display, which can be stocked fully with slippers, sandals or half and half. “The minimum order is $100, and retailers only have to reorder in prepacks of two,” says Freeman. He further adds that high turnover can be expected, especially as the patent leather lines hit the market. “We are adding a standard black patent leather, but will have other fun colors like fuchsia and teal,” Freeman notes.

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