Happy Napper Play Pillow

Wholesaler, Novelty Poster, sells some of the trendiest toys and novelties in the industry, and provides products most demanded by children nationwide. “Television advertising helps,” says Jimmy Narine, vice president, indicating that “As Seen on TV” merchandise is always in demand. This includes products like the Snuggie and Pillow Pets.

Retailers Purchase “As Seen on TV” Hits for Wholesale Prices

Among Novelty Poster’s newest items are Happy Nappers. A plush toy and pillow combination, this toy works for both playtime and naptime for ages three and up. Offered in six designs, customers can choose from the ladybug and her bungalow, the dog and doghouse, dragon and castle, as well as a monkey, penguin and unicorn. “Children can use their imagination, sound the doorbell of each critter’s home, take them out and play, or return the pet back to its home for a good night’s sleep,” says Narine. “There’s nothing like a Happy Napper; it’s the perfect play pillow.

Novelty Poster requires a minimum order of one case pack for Happy Nappers, which includes six of one animal. Retailers can purchase any design for $12 wholesale and retail for $19.99, as well as add a POP display valued at $6. While gift, toy, card and department stores and online retailers may want to carry the new product, Narine says, “We carry more than 150 different items, so we’re sure to have something for everyone.”

In fact, the wholesaler continues to carry and successfully move its Angry Bird plush toy line. Novelty Poster first got wind of the trend as more and more people were downloading the well known smartphone and tablet game. “Customers started calling us, asking if we had the characters available as toys. We made some calls and stocked up with everything we could get,” notes Narine. “It’s the hottest item we’ve carried in 15 years.”

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