LED Electronic Sales Badge

Digital signage has become commonplace, filling our line of sight with digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising at the gas pump, in the mall, and even among independent retail shops. Although familiar, digital signage proves effective with a high return on investment, especially when implemented at the point of sale (POS). As revealed by the Quarterly Business Barometer Survey for Q4 2010, an impressive 97 percent of all survey participants in North America remain positive about the future of the DOOH industry. Sir Markadoo, owner and founder of Heavenly Body Products, says, “People are familiar with the bigger LED scrolling boards. They are at gas stations and in Time Square. One of my partners started working on an idea for a smaller, wearable LED scrolling board, or as we call it, the Electronic Sales Badge. I knew this was the future, a way to get your message out there and get the upper hand on the competition.”

Retailers Make Advertising Mobile and Flashy with LED Sales Badge

While the majority of Heavenly Body Products’ wholesale merchandise is health and beauty products, the company is true to its mission, “We help God’s people prosper.” Testaments to its dedication are the wholesaler’s bulk buy deals, $100 starter kits, and products like the Electronic Sales Badge. Digital signage provides incremental revenue, in which retailers find measurable increase in incremental revenue associated with digitally displayed products and services not generally known by the customer. It also ensures message management, in which, “messages can be modified at any time to keep customers up to date on the latest products, sales, and specials offered,” notes Markadoo. The Electronic Sales Badge has eight lines to input sales data. Retailers just have to toggle through the eight different lines of data to select which sales line they wish to use for any and every situation. “Retailers literally become a walking billboard for the product and for other in-store products,” says Markadoo. “This LED badge is ready to change the way they do business.”

By loading computer software associated with the badge, messages can be entered, scroll speeds changed and more. The Electronic Sales Badge itself connects to the computer via USB to obtain the information entered. “Users also need the USB connection to recharge. After a full day’s use, the badge should be recharged every night,” explains Markadoo. While retailers are currently presented with message and scroll speed options, the LED is only offered in one color choice, red. “However, we are looking to add other colors down the line,” Markadoo says.

For the low cost of $50, retailers can purchase a single Electronic Sales Badge to add a little flare and advertising at their POS. “This is a relatively low price. Some go for $70 to $100,” notes Markadoo. For those retailers looking to distribute the product, a deal of $35 for a dozen is available at the company website, www.heavenlybodyproducts.com. Retailers are welcome to call, but can also find all information at Heavenly Body’s website.

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